The 10 Best Dog Breeds To Own For City Living

While everyone loves to have a dog to call their own, it can be especially difficult for all of the city dwellers out there to find a dog that is suitable for their needs. Purchasing a dog that will have to live in an apartment or an enclosed space is challenging, as many dog breeds cannot handle being cooped up all day. We have compiled of some of the best indoor city breeds to own.


These dogs are spoiled and pampered and would never dare to risk going outside to mess up their gorgeous hair. Their long coats make them more than happy to stay inside and they are also very small in stature.

They are adaptable to a variety of living scenarios and the Havanese’s exercise requirements are easily met with a short walk each day. Having a dog that is content to live in an apartment and subsist off brief strolls is a major plus for those who wish to own an indoor pup.