Top 10 World’s Cutest Puppy Breeds for 2017

There’s no doubt about the fact that puppies are adorable and while all of them are cute in their own way, there are some puppy breeds that stand head and shoulders above the rest. To learn more about the top ten cutest puppy breeds of all, be sure to keep reading, so that you are able to make the correct decision the next time you are in the process of choosing a puppy.


These dogs cannot be left off of any respectable of the cutest puppy breeds, as they are one of the first breeds that most of us were introduced, thanks to the classic Disney film 101 Dalmatians. Children everywhere have been asking their parents for a dalmatian of their very own for years and how can you blame them? Their unique spots set them apart from all of the other puppies and make them one of the cutest breeds of all.