Top 10 Best UK Dry Dog Food Brands For 2016


The #1 best dry dog food is produced by a company called Pero. Truline Dog food is a complete & balanced life stage dry dog food. It can be used to feed a dog from the weaning stage to senior age. This 5 star dog food has a 75:25 ratio for meat to fruit and vegetables. Truline is available in two varieties: Meat & Fish Variety as well as Fish Variety. These recipes are developed by the UK’s leading pet nutritionists and freshly produced in the UK. Truline believe that their recipes need to be simple, fresh and adobe all highly nutritious, utilising high levels of regional meats and vegetables. Whilst avoiding the use of cereals and ingredients commonly associated with digestive problems.

Key Points:
· 75% Meat & Animal Ingredients.
· 25% Fruit & Vegetables.
· Locally Supplied ingredients, wherever possible.
· Suitable for all life-stages and breeds.
· Packed with nutrient rich ‘super foods’.
· Made in the UK.