SHOCKING & CRUEL Man Drags Helpless Dog Behind Scooter For Blocks

Melissa Janelle Torrez of south Texas, was petrified when she saw a man dragging a helpless German Shepherd along behind an electric scooter. Melissa did the right thing and immediately called the cops and recorded the incident on her phone. Melissa stated the German Shepherd was dragged for nearly 2 blocks. Be warned the video below can be hard to watch…

The video clearly shows this helpless dog being dragged and chocking. The German Shepherd appears to be malnourished and under-weight as well. Thankfully, Mario Cardona, 59, the man seen dragging the dog was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

What would you do if you saw this in your neighborhood? Be sure to be vigilant with any pet owner who is showing signs of abuse towards their pets.