Ten Warning Signs Your Dog May Have Heartworms

Heartworms in dogs is very easy to prevent, but extremely difficult  and costly to expensive once infected. The only way a dog will contract heartworms is from the bite of a mosquito. Once bitten it may take up to 7 months for any signs or symptoms to show. That is why heart worm prevention and check ups is so important. Here are 10 warning signs your dog may have heartworms.

Bloated Belly or Stomach


Roundworms tend to cause bloating of the dog’s stomach. It’s very common in puppies who may have inherited worms from their mothers. Bloating is very serious and should NOT be ignored!



Heartworms, in its advanced stage, will prompt the dog to cough. Furthermore, if they have roundworms or hookworms, they may also develop a cough at some point. Excessive coughing should be addressed with your Veterinarian.

Weight loss or Loss of Appetite


Tapeworms and whipworms are literally eating away off your dogs digestive nutrition. These worms are starving your dog to death. Some dog’s tend to be excessively hungry all the time while others lose interest in food.

Dull Coat


Healthy dogs have a shiny and thick coat. So in the event that their coat begins to dry up or turn dull, they may have picked a form of worm.

Low Energy Levels


If your dog is lethargic or even less active than he usually is, then it might be due to worm infestation. Tapeworms will eat away at the dogs nutritional energy in the intestines resulting in low energy levels. Common in many dogs low energy should be addressed with the veterinarian if this becomes a daily occurrence.

Excessive Scratching at the Rear


If your dog tend to scratch or rub their rear, it could be an irritation caused by tape worms. However, this is always not a case with worms as it might also signify a problem with glands or allergy.

Vomiting Worms


Advanced stages of worm infestation is when worms are seen squirming around in your dog’s vomit. This is VERY serious and requires an emergency visit with your Veterinarian.

Bloody Diarrhea


Anytime your dog’s stool is bloody a prompt visit to the Vet’s office is necessary. Blood in the stool is NOT normal and requires immediate care.

Worms visible in fur


The culprit for worms in the fur is Tapeworm. Many dog owners note what appears as rice grain on the dog’s fur. What appears like rice grain is actually dried up Tapeworm!

Visible Worms on Fecal Matter



This is considered the number 1 most common sign that a dog has worms. However, keep in mind that not all worms will be visible under the naked eye.


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