1,000+ Dog Names

Our team of dog lovers have spent the last year scouring the internet for the best dog names in the world. Whether you want girl dog names, or boy dog names, unique dog names, or names for big dogs, or small dogs, names for brown dogs, or cool dog names – you’ll find a name that perfectly describes your new puppy.

We’ve sorted the names by type for your convenience.

Watch the video or use the table of contents to jump straight to the type of names you’re most interested in. 

Unique Dog Names 

unique dog names

A Reddit user posted on /r/dogs, an observation of dog names they’ve ever heard while working at a doggy daycare, and the results are amazing. We’ve compiled this into a list for you to easily consume, but we also recommend checking out the thread.

  • Speed Bump
  • Legs Benedict
  • Corgi Feldman
  • Pockets
  • Fuggles
  • Duct Tape
  • Captain Porkchop
  • Lamp
  • Huckle
  • Sweet Potato

We highly encourage you check out the full list of unique dog names here.

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Popular Dog Names 

Rover.com publishes a list of the most popular dog names every year based on their app user base. Interestingly, about 50% of the most popular dog names are also people names.

Male Dog Names (Top 10) Girl Dog Names (Top 10)
Max Bella
Charlie Lucy
Cooper Daisy
Buddy Luna
Jack Lola
Rocky Sadie
Oliver Molly
Bear Maggie
Duke Bailey
Tucker Sophie

Top Female Dog Names

female dog names

You might not want a top 10 name – too common right? Here are the next 50 most popular girl dog names according to Rover.com’s internal app survey:

Girl Dog Names Girl Dog Names Girl Dog Names
Chloe Phoebe Lacey
Stella Maya Honey
Lily Izzy Angel
Penny Lady Dakota
Zoey Annie Minnie
Coco Olive Holly
Roxy Harley Missy
Gracie Belle Sugar
Mia Dixie Shelby
Nala Millie Nova
Ruby Willow Leia
Rosie Princess Josie
Ellie Charlie Penelope
Abby Maddie Ava

Best Male Dog Names 

male dog names

And the next top 50 male dog names according to the Rover survey:

Male Dog Names Male Dog Names Male Dog Names 
Toby Harley Cody
Bentley Bailey Beau
Milo Jackson Bandit
Teddy Henry Blue
Leo Ollie Jasper
Winston Tyson Apollo
Jax Chance Ace
Zeus Benny Sammy
Louie Ranger Thor
Murphy Prince Gunner
Jake Oreo Rex
Dexter Bruce George
Ziggy Copper Hunter
Maverick Benji Tank
Rusty Joey Luke

Cute Dog Names

cute dog names

You just brought home your new puppy, and it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen – and you know your new puppy deserves the cutest name ever. Well, fortunately for you we’ve done your homework for you. Below are our top 10 cutest names for girl and boy puppies, but check out the full list of 100+ cute dog names.

Cute Girl Dog Names Cute Boy Dog Names
Pumpkin Otto
Cherry Biscuit
Zoe / Zoey Marshmallow
Sophie Goose
Queenie Lennon
Caramel Quinn
BammBamm Jack
Nala Buddy
Ellie Finn
Rhubarb Frodo

Cool Dog Names 

cool dog names

Cool dog names are in! But what is cool, and what isn’t cool is up to debate – so we did a ton of research, and here is a list of the top 10 cool dog names according to the internet. Remember, the internet doesn’t lie.

Cool Male Dog Names Cool Female Dog Names
Mitch Angel
Gunner Cassie
Bruce Lola
Zed Quinn
Mack Dash
Ace Rumor
Connor Harley
Slate Nel
Scrapper Eva

For a longer list of cool female and male dog names, check out our list of 300 of the coolest dog names on the internet.

Good Dog Names 

good dog names

Is your puppy a good boy?? Is your puppy a good girl?? Well then your puppy deserves a good dog name – bestowed to only the gooderest of good boys and good girls.


Funny Dog Names 

funny dog names

One of the best places to find funny dog names is Reddit. In this thread a user asks for the funniest dog names you’ve ever heard of, and some of the responses are classic. There are hundreds of comments, so we went through and picked our favorites.

  • Cleopatrick (if it’s a boy)
  • Fenton
  • Piss Pot
  • Stay
  • Kat
  • Peeves (this is my pet, peeves – get it)
  • Grandpa
  • Cedrick Doggery
  • Albus Dumbledog
  • Napkins
  • Nemo
  • Fetch
  • Noodle Bob
  • Ozzie Pawsborn
  • Bo Barker
  • Shia LaPup

Scientific Dog Names 

scientific dog names

We love nerdy dog names! Why? Because we’re nerdy dog lovers! We hugged a lot of dogs with scientific and nerdy names in our life, and when we thought about it really hard, these were our all time favorite 10 scientific dog names for male and female dogs.

Scientific Male Dog Names Scientific Female Dog Names
Apache Java
Cookie Princess
Finn Clara
Ash Penny
Gizmo Gizmo
Thor Sansa
Ripley Gidget
Bones Cookie
Mac Ripley
Chewie Buffy

Famous Dog Names 

famous dog names

We’ve discovered over 100 famous dog names from movies, TV shows, cartoons, and famous Instagram and Facebook dog names. Check out the full list of of over 100 Famous Dog names here, and below for our favorite:

Famous Dog Names from TV

Astro (The Jetsons)
Blue (Blue’s Clues)
Brian (Family Guy)
Dino (The Flintstones) *
Comet (Full House)

Famous Dog Names from Movies

Baxter (Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy)
Beethoven (Beethoven)
Benji (Benji)
Bolt (Bolt)
Brinkley (You’ve Got Mail)

Famous Dog Names from Cartoons

Clifford (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
Gromit (Wallace And Gromit)
Marmaduke (Marmaduke)
Max (How The Grinch Stole Christmas!)
Mr. Peanutbutter (BoJack Horseman)

Famous Internet Dog Names

Bodhi the Menswear Dog (322,000+ followers on Instagram)
Boo (17,100,000+ followers on Facebook)
Carrie Fisher’s dog, Gary (155,000+ followers on Instagram)
Digby Van Winkle (271,000+ followers on Instagram)
Doug the Pug (2,900,000+ followers on Instagram)

If you loved these, you should definitely check out the full list of famous dog names.

Disney Dog Names 

There are over 40 different dogs featured in Disney movies since 1943, here are our top 10 favorite, but for the full list, check out our article on all 53 Disney dog names.

  1.     Georgette from Oliver and Company
  2.     Bruno from Cinderella
  3.     Chief from The Fox and the Hound
  4.     Danny from 101 Dalmatians
  5.     Dodger from Oliver and Company
  6.     Freckles from 101 Dalmatians (puppy)
  7.     Daschie from Lady and the Tramp
  8.     Colonel from 101 Dalmatians (sheepdog)
  9.     Cadpig from 101 Dalmatians (puppy)
  10.     Copper from The Fox and the Hound (the hound)
  11.     Einstein from Oliver and Company
  12.     Dip-Stick from 101 Dalmatians (puppy)
  13.     Bull from Lady and the Tramp
  14.     Fidget from 101 Dalmatians (puppy)
  15.     Einstein from Oliver and Company

Unusual Dog Names

unusual dog names

Choose an unusual dog name for an unusual dog name over. You’re weird, you’re eclectic, you’re unique – and make sure your new dogs name reflects youHere is 38 of our favorite unusual dog names, but as usual, check the full list of 300+ unique dog names if you don’t find anything you like.

Specs Aja
Spigs Alta
Stoli Amaris
Suede Banjo
Sutton Bantam
Syrup Bertha
Taco Bertie
Taron Birch
Tawny Blimp
Thermos Blink
Tonks Bono
Tuba Boots
Umber Brighton
Utah Bug
Vortimer Bunny
Wren Burbank
Wriggles Busy
Wrinx Cashew
Xabat Catia

Big Dog Names 

big dog names

Your new puppy may be small today, but depending on the breed it may grow into a pupper of epic proportions! If you have a large breed dog, consider giving your dog a big dog name. Or, check out the next section below for small dog names for your big dog. 🙂

Beowolf Stag
Tex Nero
Czar President Taft
Mufasa Björn
Ike Ignatius
Grendel Stallone
Tramp Maynard
Frankenstein Rhino
Sumo Buck
Thor Mr. Snuffleupagus

Didn’t find anything that suits your soon to be big dog? Check out the full list of 50+ big dog names.

Small Dog Names 

small dog names

Small dog with a small dog name, or a big dog with a small dog name – completely up to you, and you can’t lose either way. Here are our top 30 favorite small dog names, but for the full list of 300+ small dog names check out our other blog post on 300+ small dog names.

Fiona Maverick Rocket
Zephyr Peanut Marshmallow
Chico Xena Pixie
Uno Cricket Dobby
Button Gimli Loki
Dash Daisy Oliver
Nacho Elsie Ivy
Betsy Gatsby Jazz (Jazzy)
Athena Tucker Starlet
Maverick Eggroll Thimble

Tough Dog Names 

tough dog names

Depending on the breed of your new dog, it may need a seriously tough name to match the dog it’s going to grow to be. If you have a strong dog breed, make sure you choose a strong dog name.

If none of these resonate, check out the full list of tough & strong dog names for another 250+ ideas.

Strong Female Dog Names Strong Male Dog Names
Avril Brick
Sheba Axel
Matilda Knox
Damia Ethan
Arya Samson
Rogue Archer
Storm Hale
Amber Jet
Kahlan Buck

Clever Dog Names 

clever dog names

Your family will kill you for making the same pun over, and over, and over again multiple times a day  for over 10+ years, 20 years if you’re lucky – unless you name your dog after a pun.

Name your new cute puppy after a joke you thought was funny for 6 seconds, and live with the decision for the rest of it’s long, happy life.

Clever Male Dog Names Clever Female Dog Names
Luke Skybarker Jennifer Pawrence
Fur-Dinand Britney Ears
Ron Fleasly Olivia Chewton John
Ryan Fleacrest Bone Crawford
James Earl Bones Catherine Zeta-Bones
Woofgang Puck Billie Holidog
Winston Furchill Mariah Hairy
The Notorious D.O.G. Phoebe Ruffay
Droolius Caesar Katy Hairy
Chewbarka Tankerbell
L.L. Drool J Queen Elizabark
Bark Griswold Vera Fang
Bob Scratchit Hairy Underwood
Bark Obama Rosa Barks
Bark Wahlberg Katy Pawry
Taylor Pawtner Virginia Woof
Jude Paw Tina Spay
Hairy Paw-ter Sarah Jessica Barker
Jake Gyllenpaw Waggie Gyllenhall

White Dog Names 

white dog names

Is your new puppy a white beauty? Consider naming your beautiful white puppy after something white and majestic. Here are 20 of over 200 names for white dogs.

Buttermilk (Butter)
Alba / Albus

Names for Black Dogs 

names for black dogs

Did you know black dogs are adopted at a less rate than other color dogs? You did the world a favor by choosing a beautiful new black puppy dog.  We’ve chosen our top 20 favorite names, but if it’s not enough check out the full list of over 200+ black dog names.

Burlida (black swan)
(The) Crypt Keeper
(The) Undertaker
Alice (Parks)

Brown Dog Names 

brown dog names

If you brought home a beautiful brown puppy, consider giving your new good boy or girl a name that reflects her beautiful brown coat. Below you’ll find 20 of over 150+ amazing names for brown dogs.

Chip (like a chocolate chip)
Brown Sugar

German Dog Names

german shepherd husky mix puppy

Bought a German Shepherd or another type of German dog? Give it a traditional German dog name. Our team of veterinarians has lived in Germany and helped hundreds if not thousands of German dogs live long, happy lives. Below we’ve included a few of our favorite, but hop on over to our article on the 250 best German dog names based on famous Germans, famous places in Germany, famous German found, and the most popular German dog names.

  •       Prinz. This means “prince.” A royal name for a male dog.
  •       Mausi. A pet name, which means “little mouse.” You can use this term of endearment to call your beloved dog.
  •    Porsche. A high-end car brand that comes from Germany. Porsche is a cool name for your new puppy.
  •       Glücklich. This means “happy.”  This is a great name for a jolly dog.
  •       Grimm. The German brothers Grimm authored more than 200 fairy tales, including “Cinderella”, “Hansel and Gretel”, and “Rapunzel.” A great name for a dog if you want to create a life of fairy tale with your pet.
  •       Prinzessin. This is a title reserved for a female descendant of a monarch. Give your female dog a royal treatment by naming her Prinzessin.
  •       Hänsel and Gretel. Young brother-and-sister characters in a well-known fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm. Hänsel and Gretel will make a cute name for a male and a female dog.

Japanese Dog Names 

Japanese dog names

For those of you into Japanese culture, you may want to consider giving your new beautifully puppy dog a Japanese name. We poured over thousands of Japanese dog names to ensure you pick the best ones. We’ve screened all of these for offensiveness.

If you want to see the full list of Japanese names, check out our list of over 200 Japanese dog names!

Male Japanese Name Female Japanese Name
Haruki Miyu
Shiro Asuka
Mitsuo Misaki
Kyo Nana
Kenichi Masa
Kunio Mariko
Junichi Masumi
Kenta Izumi
Hiraku Madoka
Michi Mayumi
Dai Mami
Kichiro Kazuko
Norio Yukari
Riku Mitsuko
Yoshio Hiro
Yoshiro Yukiko
Ryoichi Hiromi
Atsushi Ren
Yukio Shiori

Spanish Dog Names 

spanish dog names

There are many popular types of Spanish breeds including Spanish Mastiff, Great Pryenees, Papillion, Bichon Frise, Alanao Espanol, Pyrenean Shepard, Gatalan Sheepdog, Andalusian Hound, and the Podenco Canario.

If your new puppy is a Spanish breed, consider giving your new beautiful boy or girl a Spanish name. We compiled a list of over 400 Spanish dog names, here are 60 we really like. 

Delinda Sancho Paco
Castile Angelito Dionis
Amigo Macario Lazaro
Ciro Pacorro Marco
Demario Blance Emilio
Consolata Telmo Jose
Verdad Barto Mija
Amata Pina Aida
Ladonna Guzmán Camelo
Xuan Plata Rosa
Alita Ricardo Montegro
Latia Justina Margarita
Linda Madrid Duque
Neron Yago Saburo
Nina Belicia Camucha
Quinto Salvatora Celso
Otso Salvador Gemma
Claudio Belinda Iago
Vito Landa Isleta
Sancho Armando Dulcinea

French Dog Names 

french dog names

We love French breeds! Our team of dog lovers has owned dozens of types including the French Bulldog, Poodle, Dogue De Bordeaux, Basset Hound, Briard, Bloodhound, Beaceron, Petit Basset, Berger Picard and more.

Here are 70 of our favorite 250+ French dog names. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for below, check out the full list.

Ivonne Paris Carol
Bette Gwenaelle Tyeson
Amy Heloise Ansel
Barry Bevis Tintin
Pippin Jeanna Germaine
Onfroi Beaumont Odelia
Rene Berthe Emele
Danton Rique Monique
Bailey Karlens Floria
Aleron Gaspard Joyce
Ynez Mimi Orson
Quesnel Amaury Varden
Flubert Gislyne Orlina
Telford Maelee Corbeau
Chevalier Monsieur Normand
Beaufort Rive Percival/Percy
Damia D’Arcy Pepin
Belle Bon-Bon Florence
Vayle Estee Cassis
Garnet Richere Aveline

Italian Dog Names 

Italian name for an Italian breed such as a Cane Corso, Siphone Italiano, Neapolitan Mastiff, Lagotta Romagnolo, Bracco, Bergmasco Shepard or Bolognese dog, do your beautiful Italian fireball justice with an Italian name.

Male Italian Dog Names Female Italian Dog Names
Filippo Emma
Cristian Greta
Samuel Giulia
Emanuele Valentina
Alessandro Gaia
Andrea Mia
Thomas Arianna
Leonardo Margherita
Diego Elena
Alessio Gioia
Angelo Noemi
Raffaele Adele
Riccardo Giada
Manuel Ilaria
Christian Caterina
Gioele Martina
Stefano Bianca
Luigi Maria
Nicola Anna
Domenico Benedetta
Luca Melissa
Simone Giorgia
Lorenzo Laura
Federico Francesca
Edoardo Rebecca
Jacopo Beatrice
Nicolo’ Sofia
Gabriel Alessandra
Matteo Carlotta

Russian Dog Names 

Russian dog breeds are becoming more popular. Every year you see more and more celebrities buying Russiy Toy, Borzoi, Black Terrier, Spehard Dog, Siberian Laika, Russian Spaniel or Bolonka.

If you bring home an adorable Russian breed, consider a Russian name for your new bundle of fur. Here are 60 of our favorite Russian names, if you don’t see what you’re looking for check out the full list of over 200+ Russian dog names.

Female Russian Dog Names Male Russian Dog Names
Eva Mark
Sofia Konstantin
Milana Daniil
Alyona Nikolai
Darya Maxim
Margarita Alexei
Ekaterina Yaroslav
Valeria Sergei
Diana Stepan
Aleksandra Andrei
Ksenia Aleksander
Olga Roman
Arina Vladimir
Anna Ivan
Veronika Ilya
Elizabeta Georgi
Anastasia Timur
Taisia Lev
Kristina Kirill
Yulia Fyodor
Vera Timofei
Kira Igor
Polina Dmitri
Varvara Gleb
Maria Vladislav
Alisa Nikita
Alina Matvei
Viktoria Artem
Ulyana Pavel
Vasilisa Mikhail

Native American Dog Names 

Our favorite Native American dog breeds are the Alaskan Malamute, Carolina Dog, Northern Inuit, American Eskimo, and the Canadian Eskimo dog.

We’ve researched over 200+ Native American Dog names, here are our top 68:

Name Sex Meaning
Abedabun Female Sight of day
Abequa Female She stays at home
Abeque Female She stays at home
Abey Female Leaf
Abeytu Female Green leaf
Abeytzi Female Yellow leaf
Adoette Female Large tree
Adsila Female Blossom
Aiyana Female Eternal blossom
Alameda Female Grove of cottonwood
Alaqua Female Sweet gum tree
Alawa Female Pea
Aleshanee Female She plays all the time
Algoma Female Valley of flowers
Alsoomse Female Independent
Altsoba Female All are at war
Amadahy Female Forest water
Amitola Female Rainbow
Anaba Female She returns from war
Anemy Female Superior
Angeni Female Spirit
Angpetu Female Radiant
Angwusnasomtaqa Female Crow mother spirit
Ankti Female Repeat dance
Anna Female Mother
Aponi Female Butterfly
Aquene Female Peace
Atepa Female Wigwam
Awanatu Female Turtle
Awenasa Female My home
Awendela Female Morning
Awinita Female Fawn
Ayasha Female Little one
Ayashe Female Little one
Ayita Female First to dance
Abooksigun Male Wildcat
Abukcheech Male Mouse
Achachak Male Spirit
Achak Male Spirit
Adahy Male Lives in the woods
Adoeette Male Great tree
Ahanu Male He laughs
Ahiga Male He fights
Ahmik Male Beaver
Ahote Male Restless one
Ahtunowhiho Male One who lives below
Akando Male Ambush
Akecheta Male Fighter
Akule Male Looks up
Alo Male He looks up
Anakausuen Male Worker
Anoki Male Actor
Apenimon Male Worthy of trust
Apiatan Male Wooden lance
Apisi Male Coyote
Aponivi Male Where the wind blows down the gap
Aranck Male Stars
Ashkii Male Boy
Askook Male Snake
Askuwheteau Male He keeps watch
Ata’halne Male He interrupts
Atohi Male Woods
Atsadi Male Fish
Atsidi Male Hammer
Avonaco Male Leaning bear
Awan Male Somebody
Ayawamat Male One who follows orders

Indian Dog Names 

In India it is becoming more and more common to name your dog an American name, but we like traditional Indian names too. We asked 10,000 dog owners in India for their puppy’s name and created a list of the 250+ most common Indian dog names, and we’ve include a few below to get you started:

Male Indian Dog Names Female Dog Names
Tushar Indrani
Lalit Bhagyashree
Udit Meher
Ashish Bipasha
Girish Uma
Kshitij Pooja
Om Chhavi
Dilip Kanika
Pavan Shweta
Vinay Sanjana
Gautam Urvashi
Sachin Diya
Tarun Shivani
Bikram Kavya
Akshat Falguni
Nilaksh Aishwarya
Chetas Geetha
Ishranth Ekta
Pranav Eesha
Rajiv Jhanvi
Sanjay Jyothsna
Bhaskar Zoya
Gurdeep Meera
Ritesh Gayatri
Jaideep Garima
Karun Harini
Sandeep Sarah
Arjun Chaaya
Indiresh Aruna
Varun Upasna
Mridul Leela
Sanchit Maya
Aditya Shreya
Naishadh Aparna
Samir Ruchika
Naagesh Lavanya
Parth Deepika
Chiranjeev Jayanti
Manvik Aditi
Yashwant Vaishnavi
Anubhav Bhavna
Sparsh Lopamudra
Uttam Nargis
Siddharth Anjali
Jeet Tanvi
Vipul Mansi
Daljeet Lathika
Jagan Tara
Vikas Farha
Gaurav Shridevi

Mexican Dog Names

The most popular type of Mexican dog is of course, the Chihuahua. If you bought a Chihuahua, we think one of the 30 names for girls and boys will suit it well, but in case it doesn’t check out our list of 300+ Mexican girl and boy dog names.

Female Mexican Dog Names Male Dog Names
Fernanda Franco
Ariana Rodrigo
Paula Fernando
Valentina Lautaro
Maite Mauricio
Olivia Felipe
Emma Pablo
Pilar Emmanuel
Milagros Javier
Brianna Daniel
Amanda Manuel
Alexa Santiago
Lola Juan Esteban
Antonella Rafael
Valery Luciano
Malena Alejandro
Josefa Sergio
Adriana Alberto
Daniella Axel
Martina Vicente
Isabel Mateo
Valeria Camilo
Violeta Matthew
Nicole Emiliano
Allison Juan Manuel
Carolina Pedro
Romina Patricio
Carla Arturo
Sara Maximiliano

Scottish Dog Names 

Scottish dogs are very popular and encompass many breeds including famous breeds like the Shetland Sheepdog, Border Collie, Rough Collie, Cairn Terrier, Scottish Terrier and Scottish Deerhound.

A Scottish dog breed deserves a Scottish name. Our puppy lovers and put together a list with more than 502 Scottish Dog Names

Caerlion Cawley
Ronalda Machara
Lean Glendale
Tyra Gavina
Janetta Tamsin
Calder Ailein
Bearnas Colina
Blane Akira
Macdonald Caimheul
Carlie Torry
Jessie Calder
Aileana Macgillivray
Ness Una
Grant Brodrick
Leannan Nachton
Noni Lamont
Aonghus May
Larena Moira
Elspeth Colin
Davis Teva
Fibh Bonni
Malmuirie Lezlie
Gordain Donald
Tara Eithrig
Nathaira Leslee
Ray Cait
Machair Greer
Laren Ross
Cleit Alonna
Normina Mackinnon

Southern Dog Names 

Southern dog names are handsome and beautiful. Here are 30 of 257+ we really like.

Southern Female Dog Names Southern Male Dog Names
Daisy Keaton
Mae Jebediah
Violet Emmett
Ruby Rhett
Annalee Josiah
Maribelle Hiram
Ameilia Mason
Rose Beau
Ada Calvin
Nellie Jonas
Georgia Thaddeus
Frances Elijah
Mary Grace Magnus
Callie Hank
Mary Jane Everett
Phoebe Gideon
Delilah Zachariah
Beulah Elliott
Florence Harley
Maybelle Lyman
Susannah Lawson
Darlene Teddy
Annabelle Rufus
Willow Percy
Sue Ellen Wyatt
Imogene Joshua
Charlene Preston
Eloise Parker
Anna Mae Clarence



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