About Us

Who (let the dogs out?) Are We?

We did not let the dogs out, but we are kind of experts on them (and how and when they should be let out). 

We are TheDogDigest, your #1 source for all things dog! We’re a colorful bunch of puppy lovers with years of experience in raising dogs, adopting, nutrition, and happiness. Oh, and we absolutely adore mixed breed doggos!

Our main goal is to bring you useful information so you can care for your furry friends and keep them happy and healthy for a long time. We’ve gathered a community of dog lovers to help us bring their opinions, tips, tricks, and even dog memes to you. We regularly collaborate with veterinarians and pet store owners and consult with them on the best products and health advice for your pup. However, we are not affiliated with any brand or any person in particular, and we do our research thoroughly to bring you unbiased information and help you make intelligent decisions.

We believe that all dogs, big or small, purebred or mixed, young or old, deserve to live their best lives and we believe that our roles are to be the best dog parents and best friends our pups can have!