5 Best Luxury Dog Collars of 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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The famous nineteenth-century author Josh Billings wrote, “A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” The observation was spot on then, and it is especially true today. Humans respond to the incredible level of unconditional love the only way we know how – we spoil the four-legged objects of our affection. After all, what other being deserves the best of everything? Dogs ask for so little and give us so much, thus our desire to shower our pampered pooches with significant tokens of our love knows no boundaries. From fur-lined, memory foam dog beds to designer duds and 5-star chef-inspired treats, we have so many options. Among the many trinkets of affection, few items are as prominent as your dog’s collar. Since ancient times, dog collars have been used to protect and identify the animals. Collars are no longer considered simply a basic utility for a dog. They are an important accessory that displays personality, style, and affiliation (that of the human, at least). Nothing says, “I am adored” like a fashionable, luxury dog collar. Searching for a truly spectacular, perfect, one-of-a-kind collar for the “love of your life”? The Amour Amour collar may just fit the bill. This diamond-studded bauble is considered the “Bugatti of dog collars.” The bit of canine bling is constructed from supple, genuine crocodile leather. The collar’s fastenings are 18-carat gold, and 52-carats of hand-set diamonds set the pattern for a whopping 7-carat diamond centerpiece. The price tag for the incredible work of art is just over $3 million, making the Amour Amour the most expensive dog collar in the world. After all, isn’t your precious pooch worth it? If the Amour Amour’s price tag would break your budget, don’t despair. The market is filled with luxury dog collars that provide great stylized features.

Only the Best Will Do

Tiffany Dog Collar

What little blue box quickens the heart of folks all over the world? The blue box from Tiffany, of course! The company sets the standard for luxury jewelry. Among the retailer’s gifts of love, the self-proclaimed “arbiter of taste and style” offers a best-in-show line of exclusive pet products, including fine dog collars. Tiffany buckle-style, bridle collars are crafted from buttery soft leather and embellished with Tiffany-signature, palladium-plated metal hardware. Each collar is designed to produce a luxurious look and feel. Collars are available in Tiffany classic blue leather or black leather with blue stitching. Sizes selections are small, medium, or large. The retail price for a Tiffany Dog Collar ranges from $230 to $280.

Louis Vuitton Baxter Bow Collar

Does anything scream luxury more than the iconic “LV” monogram? For nearly two hundred years, the name Louis Vuitton has been associated with the most spectacular leather goods in the world. LV luxury and style are not limited to human couture. The company also shares the art of fashion with the canine aficionado by offering several exclusive pet items. The pinnacle of the designer’s line of pet accessories is the Baxter Bow Collar. This elegant buckle collar is created using the famous LV monogram canvas. It features a removable bow and customizable brass plate. The Louis Vuitton Baxter Bow Collar is sold only in an extra small size. A matching leash and carrier are also available for the petite pooch on the go. The Louis Vuitton Baxter Bow Collar sells for $380.

Dean & Tyler Wide Stud Collar

Dean & Tyler is a small, boutique dog accessory company obsessed with creating extraordinary, high-end products. Dean & Tyler craftsmen still use century-old European techniques to finish their leathers. The result is beautiful, resilient, collars that endure. Dean & Tyler creates luxury designs with a dog’s comfort and safety as well as the owner’s penchant for fashion and style and in mind. One top-of-the-line luxury collar in the Dean & Tyler catalog, the popular Wide Stud Collar, is a gorgeous leather band fitted with five rows of nickel studs and a plated D ring. This collar, an impressive 2 ¾ inches wide, retails for just under $160. The Wide Stud Collar is available in black, brown, tan, pink, or white. The 5-stud design is recommended for large dogs, but smaller versions of this top-dog classy collar are available. The Dean & Tyler company makes luxury dog products that stand the test of time.

Big Dog Chains

Big dogs need not despair over Louis Vuitton’s obvious preference for the small elite. The Big Dog Chains Company offers luxury collar alternatives for big, beefy breeds. Big Dog collars are made using high-quality marine-grade stainless steel. Unlike standard chain slip collars, Big Dog manufacturers a patent-pending clasp closure for all Big Dog chain collars. The creation results in a seamless, super-strong collar. Big Dog Collars are customized from 1 ¼”-width curb links fitted to each dog’s neck size. Chains are available in five different metal color blends. Matching leashes and coordinating dog identification tags are available for each collar. Big Dog’s team of bench jewelers will resize, clean, polish, and inspect for chain weaknesses at any time. They even ship the collar back to you free of charge! The company’s high-end Cuban, Capone, Cuban Rose, Tri, and Stryker collars retail for $299.

BlueFang BF-30 Hi-Tech Smart Collar

The world of technology offers amazing innovations for dogs and their owners. With a smartphone and a high-tech collar like the BlueFang Model BF-30, owners can enjoy the benefits of five performance collars in one. The BlueFang BF-30 is not fancy. It doesn’t offer the sensational fashion statement of the other collars on our list of luxury brands. BlueFang is a rugged, all-weather collar. Equipped with propriety “BitingEdge” technology, the collar interfaces with iPhones and Androids. Downloadable applications enable owners to train their canine companions, control barking, and minimize other undesirable behaviors. BlueFang records and displays fitness and performance; this collar even operates with sonic fence technology for pet containment. A compatible power pet door and mat are available to provide in/out shelter access.

One Size Does Not Fit All

A collar, to a dog, is much like shoes are to a human. Collars (and shoes) serve a number of functions. First, they provide safety. Either may be fashionable and very expensive, but if they aren’t comfortable to wear, forget it. Both collars and shoes must suit the activity; you wouldn’t wear stilettos to run a marathon. Likewise, a pricey luxury collar may not be the best choice for an active sporting dog’s activities. There is no shortage of selections when it comes to dog collars. They come in different colors, materials, styles, and within a wide range of prices. Luxury aside, the bigger question becomes, does your dog’s collar protect your most important concern – YOUR DOG?

What Meets the Eye

Dog collars are designed to attract human interest. A desirable collar may match an owner’s attire, attitude, or fascination. Several basic elements should go into choosing the right collar for your beloved pet. Choose a collar that is appropriate for your dog’s age, size, and activity level. A poorly fitted collar will be uncomfortable and ineffective and can even cause harm or injury to your dog.

Beyond the Basics – Types of Luxury Dog Collars

The foremost consideration when choosing a dog collar is safety. Collars provide a source of restraint, control, and behavior reinforcement. They also offer a universal source of identification. Of course, your dog’s collar will also become a reflection of your personal taste. There are many different brands, shapes, colors, and styles of collars for canines. The concept and types of collar are pretty basic and may be divided into five categories.

Buckle Collars

These are considered one of the oldest styles of dog collar. Buckle collars are designed as a flat, belt-like strip and are available in a variety of materials such as leather, canvas, nylon, and other synthetics. The base strip fastens together around the dog’s neck with a metal hook-in-eye or plastic (snap) closure. Buckle collars come in adjustable lengths, shapes, and sizes.

Chain Slip Collars

These are also known as choke collars. Chain slip collars consist of a series of interlocking metal (or synthetic metal) links looped through a large ring. The chain slip collar is designed to contract around the dog’s neck when pressure (pulling) is applied.  Prong and pinch collars are included in the chain slip collar group.

Martingale Collars

A variation of the chain slip collar is the Martingale collar. Most Martingale collars are made from a textile material. The Martingale collar is designed to tighten around the animal’s neck when pressure is applied to the lead. Unlike the chain slip collar, the Martindale’s tension is limited by the collar’s adjustment.

Head Collars

These may also fall into the category of halters, although the function of a head collar is different. A head collar looks like a muzzle. It fits around the animal’s mouth and nose. Head collars are designed to help train a dog to walk properly on a leash and learn to heel. A head collar should not be left on a dog unattended or for long periods of time. They are used exclusively for supervised training purposes.

Smart Collars

Available in a variety of styles, materials, and colors, smart collars represent the technological advent for dog collars. Application enhancements use Global Positioning Systems (GPS), wireless networking technologies (Wi-Fi), and cellular data to send information to your smartphone. Real-time details about health, location, physical activity, and video imaging are available to keep close tabs on your dog. Emerging research in smart technology applications includes research to develop language communications for dogs! You can agonize for hours over the task of selecting the perfect luxury collar for your cherished pet. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The reality is, as long as your pup receives adequate shelter, quality breed-appropriate food, and exercise, the only gift they really need is your love and attention. New sweaters, boots, fancy collars (with or without diamonds), toys, or treats will NEVER replace a belly rub, game of fetch, pat on the head, scratch under the chin, or frequent cuddles. A well-trained, healthy, safe pet is the real luxury, and that fur-bundle of love is PRICELESS.

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