Best Wireless Dog Fences

The Absolute Best Wireless Dog Fences On The Market

Safety and security will be your biggest priorities when you decide to get a dog. I’m telling you, nothing is more curious than dogs.  They’ll take every opportunity to go out and explore the world. Training them is not 100% guarantee that they won’t wander off. They just love adventures, so giving them reasons not to stray is a real challenge.

You can easily keep these cute pups confined in your home, but avoid cooping them up all day. This option isn’t the most beneficial or the most realistic. Dogs need regular play and exercise.

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective solution to your beloved escape artist, perhaps you’re looking for a wireless dog fence. And I’m sure you’re probably overwhelmed by the online surge of things related to wireless fences, invisible fences, in-ground fences, semi-wireless fences, electric dog fences, and other similar products.

There are countless options available, which often leads a dog owner down an exasperating path: What are the differences between these fences? Which features are the most important? And which one is best for you and your doggo? Well, we’re here to help you.

Going for wireless dog fences, also called invisible fences, is your best bet for giving your puppies the freedom they need while preventing them from going beyond the designated perimeters. Using the principles of negative reinforcement, such systems can stop your dog from wandering. So basically, they will feel a very light electric shock when they reach a boundary.

You have two options when buying wireless dog fences: semi-wireless and fully wireless fences. Semi-wireless systems use an underground antenna wire and come with a receiver collar, while fully wireless fences use a radio transmitter. In general, semi-wireless systems are preferred over 100% wireless fences because of their versatility and they have less interference issues. You can also use them on irregularly shaped properties.

But which one is best wireless dog fence? Don’t worry, we did all the hard work for you. Two veterinarians spent hundreds of hours setting up and using dozens of the top wireless fences of 2019 to identify the best brands. Here’s a list of the best invisible dog fences on the market today.

The Best Wireless Dog Fence: Extreme Dog Fence

It is a must to have an in-ground dog fence. With this system, setting up the boundary, customizing the design, and adjusting the coverage area should be as easy as a walk in the park. Most of all, you’ll be satisfied with your pup’s security.

Our evaluation shows that the eXtreme Dog Fence Second Generation In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is the best wireless dog fence in the market today. Let’s check what’s new. The eXtreme Dog Fence Pro Grade kit has the following features:

  • Digital Transmitter – 25-acre capacity (up from 10)
  • 1000′ of 14 AWG heavy duty eXtreme Dog Fence boundary wire
  • 50′ of 16 gauge eXtreme Dog Fence twisted wire
  • 1x Waterproof receiver collar
  • 1x battery for receiver collar
  • 100x training flags
  • 10x landscape/yard staples
  • 1x set of rubber comfort contact covers
  • 2x sets of contact points (1x medium comfort, 1x large steel)
  • 4x professional splice kits

Now, for the pros. This in-ground invisible dog fence has exceptional top quality cables. The wires are incredibly thick, strong, and long (no splicing), with durable insulation jacket around. Thin and low-quality cables are dangerous as they increase the chances of breakage. They are also awfully pricey and require high maintenance. On the other hand, eXtreme Dog Fence is strong and has the highest quality.

This invisible dog fence also comes with a waterproof receiver collar. Normally, the quality of the receiver collar deteriorates if your pooch plays in the rain, swims in the pool, or rolls in the mud. But no need to worry with eXtreme Dog Fence. Many other in-ground dog fence claim that they’re water resistant. But the receiver collar that comes with the eXtreme Dog Fence is totally waterproof. So, your lovely dog can swim and play in the rain and the wireless fence system will still work absolutely fine.

The receiver collar is not only waterproof, but it can be submersible to 10 feet. What’s more, the receiver is one of the lightest and least bulky available. It weighs a mere 1.1 oz. and its profile is small enough to comfortably fit a puppy as light as 8 pounds.

The digital transmitter is also rich in features. It can cover up to 25 full acres and, to avoid interference with any neighboring wireless fence system, you have the option to adjust the radio frequency the invisible dog fence system functions on.

What’s also great about this invisible dog fence is that it comes with a built-in power protector. In case of sudden shifts in the voltage, power shortage, or bump in the circuit, the transmitter’s built-in surge protector will protect the device from any damage.

The eXtreme Dog Fence is customizable. The easy installation DIY kit gives remarkable ease of customizing the boundary. You can easily set up this wireless dog fence in any layout pattern or shape of your choice: single loop, double loop, triangle, rectangle, or any other.

In terms of guarantee, the eXtreme Dog Fence comes with a LIFETIME warranty on the fence wire and a 5-YEAR warranty on the electronics. The manufacturer guarantees that this fence system will contain your adventurous and wandering dog. The manufacturer has been developing dog fence systems for over two decades and carries an impressive reputation for performance and reliability.

The eXtreme Dog Fence is proudly manufactured in the USA. The makers stand by to provide every dog owner top level 24-hour assistance and support in setting up the wireless dog fence, training your pooches, or providing solutions to any problem that comes up.

On the downside, there is no rust protection. Sure, the wires are robust ang work perfectly fine. But they get rusty rather easily. These wires are perfect in dry season, but they may not work well in the rainy season.

Another flaw is the expenditure of loads of time and energy. Getting the eXtreme Dog Fence wires underground is not an easy feat. It will require you immense energy and will eat a lot of your time. If you can manage to do the hard work of digging up the ground and installing the fences then do buy it by all means. Otherwise, it will just be the waste of your hard-earned money.

One of the major downsides of the eXtreme Dog Fence Second Generation In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is the flimsy surge protector. The projector’s four connectors are made of paper-like thin sheets of metal and they can’t firmly hold the fence wires.

Despite these flaws, no one can deny the high quality of eXtreme Dog Fence compared to other invisible dog fences available in the market.

A police K9 handler said, “I would recommend this company and fencing system to anyone that is looking for a high quality product made in the USA.”

Another said, “Going from a couple months on a 100′ rope when outside to 4 acres of freedom and trust has been a huge game changer. Best investment we’ve made so far to our new property.”

And according to a satisfied customer, “This is an incredible system that supports my small dogs. It was easy to install and the staff is GREAT to work with. I would recommend this to anyone that is NOT interested in trying to stretch chain link fence and the constant worry of them digging out.”

Second Best Wireless Dog Fence: SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence

second best wireless dog fence

If you own a bunch of doggos and live in a large property area, you would certainly want a permanent and efficient solution to protect your dogs within a defined perimeter. If this is the case, an in-ground wired dog fence is the best way to contain all your pups within the designated play area.

We found that SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System or Contain + Train System is the second best containment system for dogs, after eXtreme Dog Fence. Let’s analyze this brand’s major characteristics.

Overall, we have proven that the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System is effective and safe for dogs over 10 pounds. Installation is so simple. You only have to bury the wire around the yard’s perimeter and plug in the transmitter. It’s that easy.

The wireless dog fence system functions by creating a radio signal from the fence transmitter through the boundary wire. You bury the boundary wire or attach it to a fixed object to enfold your dogs’ boundary area. You designate the boundary area temporarily with flags for a visual aid when you train your dogs.

Your dogs wear a receiver collar with contact points that touch their neck. Once trained, they can wander freely in the defined boundary area. When your puppy reaches the warning zone, the receiver will set off a warning alarm. If it continues to stray into the stimulation zone, the receiver will deliver a safe stimulation through the contact points to get your pup’s attention until he gets back to the boundary area.

In addition to the obvious benefits of protection and security, the following are some of the most incredible perks of this wireless dog fence system:

The SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System includes 1000 feet of 20-gauge boundary wire and 100 flags that can cover up to 1 1/3 acres of land. You can expand this great invisible dog fence system to contain up to 100 acres by buying additional SDF-WF wire and flag kits.

The SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System includes a receiver without strap. This waterproof receiver collar, which measures 2.70 L X 1.60 W X 1.70 D inches, sends a vibration and tone as your cherished dog gets near the boundary. It then moves to one of four static correction levels that you choose, based on the temperament of your puppy.

The wall-mountable transmitter has a built-in protector to shield it against damage from power surge and lightning strike. It also has a wire break alarm to alert of a cut or a break in the in-ground wires. With this built-in mechanism to indicate any wire damage, you can easily identify the points for wire maintenance.

This wireless dog fence is flexible for multiple dogs. While its actual size is enough to secure multiple dogs, you can always expand this invisible dog fence to contain more dogs by purchasing extra SDF-R Add-A-Dog collars.

The SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System receiver collar can fit any small, medium, large, or extra-large pooches over 10 pounds.

The receiver collar is waterproof. With this invisible dog fence system, you can freely let your furballs swim in the pool or play under the rain in your yard.

It also has a battery indicator so you know when the battery is low. It also comes with an anti-linger feature to prevent your furry friend from running the battery down by wandering in the warning zone. It takes a standard 9-volt battery that lasts 6-12 months.

The product’s detailed operating guide comes with training tips and a customer care center that is locally based. It is available six days a week, providing support whenever you need it.

The manufacturers designed the invisible dog fence in the field, with cold, heat, sun, rain, dust, snow, wind, and mud in mind, the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System has become one of the most recognized brands in the electronic tracking and training categories.

Despite the great advantages, the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System also has its disadvantages. We’re listing some of them below.

It is claimed that this invisible fence is easy to install. But our experience tells otherwise.  While the installation manual has detailed directions, the entire process of digging up the yard and installing the wires is really time-consuming and requires excessive amount of work. Only buy this containment kit only if you’re able to allot energy and time installing it.

We also found some battery issues with the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System. First, the collar battery is rather large, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable for the dog. Second, there‘s no low battery indication on the main unit. You have to figure it out yourself—the battery is dying when the shaking or beeping becomes inconsistent. Another downside of the battery is that it falls apart after using the fence system for some time. Also, the life span of the battery does not exceed a year.

Another problem is the inconsistent operation of the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System or Contain + Train System. Its performance is not fully reliable as it sometimes shocks the canines way before they reach the boundary line. In our experience, it worked very well most days, but there were some times when the collar didn’t function properly. Overall, we can say that the system’s efficiency is inconsistent.

In spite of these major flaws, the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System remains a great wireless dog fence. Reviews are generally positive:

“So far the fencing system has worked great! Our dog caught on very quickly and is enjoying his freedom around our 1.5 acre lot.”

“This system works!!!!! After 2 hours of training, and 2.5 weeks of being leash free, the system has been 100% effective. even with neighbors cats roaming around, squirrels running and jumping around, my pups have not left my property a single time. I still can’t believe it.”

“The result has been great and I wish I had done this a year ago when we bought the house. Such a relief having the dogs under control.”

Best Budget Wireless Dog Fence Pick: COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs

best budget wireless dog fence

Invisible dog fences can be a bit pricey. And many customers equate price with quality. This is not always the case, however, with wireless dog fences. If you’re looking for a budget invisible fence for your tail-wagger, there are available products that won’t drain your wallet. Of these, we pick COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs as the best budget wireless dog fence.

Like other wireless dog fence systems, the COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs works by generating a wireless signal from the transmitter through the boundary wire. A receiver collar is worn by your pup, allowing it to wander and play freely inside the perimeter. When the doggo gets near the wire, the receiver collar beeps and gives light shocks. The shock becomes more intense as the dog goes closer to the boundary wire.

The COVONO KD660B-2 In-Ground Dog Fence is a safe, accurate, and simple system. Here are the features of this brand that will give you the best value for money:

  • Covers 3/4 acre, with included boundary wires, and can be expanded to more area with extra wires
  • Supports 2 dogs simultaneously, can contain more doggies with additional receiver collars
  • Modifiable boundary width formed by the customizable signal strength
  • Includes 2 rechargeable and IP66 water resistant receivers with shock/beep
  • ‘Speed Detection’ feature helps prevent furry babies from crossing the boundary
  • Visual and audible wire break alarm on transmitter
  • 8mm (20 gauge) 650-foot wire
  • Easy to install and use
  • Can be used for dogs weighing 10-120 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty and 90-day return period

The COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs roughly covers up to 3/4 acre. It comes with a 650-foot boundary wire which is more flexible compared to the old version. The previous version got negative reviews because the wires were extremely thin and fragile. But the current version comes with wires that are way thicker. You can always expand it to cover more area by purchasing extra wires. You can lay them in any shape to keep your puppies to stay where you want them.

What’s great is that the COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs can support multiple receivers that are rechargeable, waterproof, and adjustable. They are suitable for all pooches that weigh 10 to 120 pounds. You can safely contain as many dogs as you need simultaneously by getting extra compatible COVONO receivers.

The advantage of the current model over the old one is that it has more incredible features. For one, you can control the width of the boundary by modifying the signal strength. There’s also the ‘Speed Detection’ feature, which means that shock intensity will be stronger the faster your doggies run to the boundary. There’s also the wire break alarm feature.

The manufacturers stand by the quality of the COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs and promise to take good care of their customers. Not satisfied with the product? Easy. You can always return it and receive full refund within 90 days of receipt of delivery. Lifetime warranty is available.

Please note: It is very important to train your dogs to learn the off-limits places and to go back into the boundary area. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Train your canines for about 3 weeks or more to let them know how the COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs work.
  • Remember, the real boundary is the signal area formed by the wire, not the wire itself.
  • Twisting the wire 10-12 times in a foot can affect or cancel the signal.
  • Don’t use the COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs on aggressive canines, and we don’t advise that you use it on your dogs for more than 12 hours.
  • You should regularly check the power of the transmitter. This is to ensure that the wireless dog fence works just fine and your pups are safe.

Here are some positive reviews about the COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs. Overall the current model is reviewed more positively than the old model.

“I use it for my Doberman Pinscher who is an escape artist. So I needed something to keep him in the yard, but without having to tie him. This fence system solves my troubles. It works as expected and so far so good.”

“Works as described. It keeps my dog in the yard safely, and I don’t have to worry that he would run onto the busy road. This is probably the best thing I have done for my dog.”

“Does just what it is supposed to do, excellent system and great customer support.”

Premium Wireless Dog Fence: PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

premium wireless fence pick

PetSafe is a well-known brand when we talk about pet safety products and systems, including collars, wireless dog fence, etc. The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is an original, trusted invisible dog fence system that ensures your dog’s safety for your own peace of mind. This first-class dog containment system is our pick for the best premium wireless dog fence available in the market today.

The latest PetSafe invisible dog fence system is a portable unit that can help your pooches to learn their boundaries comfortably and easily. It has been awarded an impressive 4.1 out of 5 stars among Amazon customers. It has also been ranked third among the Radio and Wireless Fences category.

With the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, you can now allot more time playing and bonding with your fur babies rather than disciplining them. With this wireless dog fence, you could be at ease knowing that this premium system comes with great features as enumerated below:

  • Portable wireless system installed in just 1-2 hours
  • Wireless transmitter with power adapter
  • Covers an adjustable area up to 1/2 acre (a diameter of 180 feet)
  • Additional expansion option with extra wireless transmitters
  • For canines 8 pounds and up, with neck sizes from 6 to 28 inches
  • There are 5 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Tone-only mode that alerts your dogs with a beep when they go beyond the boundary
  • Automatic safety shut-off: correction shuts off after 30 seconds
  • Long contact points for long-haired dogs
  • Has the advantage of adding an unlimited number of fur babies with extra wireless receiver collars
  • Water resistant receiver collar
  • Collar comes with a PetSafe® Brand RFA-67 rechargeable battery
  • The containment system also works with Stay + Play Wireless Fence and Stay+Play Wireless Fence®receiver collar
  • Test light tool
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • Operating and training guide

On the upside, you can install the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System easily and quickly. We spent no more than two hours, and without a sweat, when we set it up. So spend more time playing with your pups and less time figuring out how to install the invisible dog fence! With short training sessions, your pets become more aware of their new yard boundaries rather quickly and comfortably. Before you know it, they’re all happy playing. So, say goodbye to random straying with this containment system.

The wireless dog fence can over a maximum of 90 feet in radius or 180 feet in diameter, with a minimum of 5 feet in radius and 10 feet in diameter. What’s more, you can use extra transmitters if you need to expand your pup’s play area.

What we also love about the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System is its lightweight design which allows easy portability. This will make it very easy for you to transport the transmitter, collar, flags, etc. when you and your dogs go on a trip. Just plug it into an outlet and you’re ready to go.

We also like the customizable alert options of tone-only or static modes, which add comfort to your puppies. The receiver collar can adapt to any weather conditions. It functions perfectly fine under a good weather, and it also works well under the rain as it is waterproof. Rain or shine, your dogs are free to play within the containment area.

You don’t have to make a guess as to whether the collar battery needs recharging because there’s an indicator that alerts you when the battery is low.

On the downside, we noted few instances when system gave static warning to the dogs even if they’re inside the designated boundary. We also found some limitations to the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System’s signals in the presence of metal and electronic equipment. They interfere with signals causing disruption. So you need to check this before installing the invisible dog fence.

We also observed that the signals might get distorted depending on the terrain. This premium wireless dog fence works best on flat terrain without hills, slopes, etc.

Considering these disadvantages, the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System remains an incredible fence system. Tried and tested, it will keep your furry friends happier while you breathe easier. A signal from a small unit to your pet’s collar is all it takes. This dog fence system offers you quality and performance, while securing safety and adding comfort for your beloved dogs.

Reviews from Amazon attest to the quality of the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System:

“This is the greatest thing ever invented for pet owners! My three large dogs have been staying well within the yard now. They have more freedom than they had in the kennels. I really like this system it’s easy to use.”

“This product is amazing. I can now safely let my doggies out to play and not be concerned with them running into the woods or neighbors yard.”

“Hands down, best investment I’ve ever made. 3 VERY stubborn dogs were trained to this system in a few hours! Works great even though our yard is very uneven and full of slopes.”

How Our Picks Compare

how are picks compare

Extreme Dog Fence is still the overall best wireless dog fence for most people, but SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence is a strong runner-up, while COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs is the best budget invisible fence and PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System PIF-300 is the best premium wireless dog fence.

eXtreme Dog FenceSportDOG Brand In-Ground FenceCOVONO Invisible Fence for DogsPetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System


-Low battery indicator

-Lasts about 4 months

-12x battery check

-Low battery indicator
-Lasts about 6-12 months

-Low battery indicator
-Short battery life

-6-volt (RFA-67)
-Low battery indicator
-Lasts about 30 days
Water ResistanceWaterproofWaterproofWaterproofWaterproof
Correction TypeTone








Correction Levels5 levels of stimulations4 levels of stimulations3 levels of stimulations5 levels of stimulations
Dog Weight8 pounds and up10 pounds and up10-120 pounds8 pounds and up
Neck Size6-28 inches6-28 inches6-28 inches6-28 inches
Coverage10 acres1 1/3 acre1 1/3 acre1/2 acre
Expandable BoundaryYes

25 acres with add-ons


100 acres with add-ons




1 acre with add-ons

Max # of DogsAny numberAny numberAny numberAny number
Boundary Flags Included10010050


Why You Should Trust Us

why you should trust us

We are not affiliated with any maker of invisible dog fence systems, nor do we receive favors from these companies. I’m a dog owner, a dog lover, so I’m for the interest of the dogs and their owners. I tried to be as objective as possible when picking the best wireless dog fences. I’ve considered the results of the tests done by 2 veterinarians, interviewed dog owners who use wireless dog fences, spoke with representatives of the makers of some of these systems, read online reviews, and talked to some of the writers who reviewed the products.

How We Picked Our Favorite Wireless Dog Fences

picking a wireless dog fence

For the current research, we identify the best wireless dog fence available in the market today. We had two veterinarians put in significant amount of time setting up and using dozens of wireless dog fences. We asked them to rank the invisible dog fences according to dog safety, ease of installation and use, durability, features, etc.

We also interviewed dog owners who use wireless dog fences and they told us about the most common problems they encounter with the containment systems they use. They also told us about which features they like. We also spoke with representatives from companies that develop wireless dog fences—basically all the trusted brands. Some of these chats happened at trade shows, while others were more formal conversations about the products. They shared some info about their innovations as well as their future plans for their products.

We also read many online reviews of invisible dog fences, and talked to some of the writers who reviewed the products. We examined their procedures, and we can say that they all run similar tests, though they weigh the results differently. These tests gave us a somewhat objective view on wireless dog fence performance. We recognize, however, that they still leave blind spots.

We also based our decision on the hundreds of user reviews posted at Amazon and other major online retailers. The average user ratings posted in Amazon may not be the most accurate representation of customer satisfaction, but it gives us insights as to how customers feel about the wireless dog fence they bought.

Training Your Dog On a Wireless Fence

Once you have bought and set up your wireless fence, it is crucial that you spend time in training your puppies to use the fence. With proper training, you will have the happiest dogs who understand their boundaries. The invisible fence will be useless and a waste of your money if you don’t train your dogs.

Training is so simple. All you need to do is spend three 15-minute training sessions every day for a couple of weeks. Just do these four simple steps:

  1. Introduce your furry friend to the wireless fence. Keep your pup on a leash. Use flags as visual aids. This will show your pup where the boundary line is. After that, teach your dog to retreat, not to run across this line, when he hears the warning beep.
  2. Introduce the correction to your dog. Once your pooch has aced the first step, start introducing static correction to the training. In this training, the objective is to show to your doggy that he will receive a shock for ignoring the beep. This reinforces him to turn and retreat when he hears the beep to avoid static correction.
  3. Testing compliance. It’s time to test the dog’s compliance once your dog has learned the second step. Put treats like their favorite toy or food beyond the boundary line to show them that they must observe the rules no matter what enticement is on the other side of the boundary line.
  4. Remove the leash. Allow your canine to play in the boundary area without the leash. Start allowing him with short stints. Then eventually allow your canine to play unsupervised for the entire day.

Wireless Dog Fence vs In-Ground Fence

A fully wireless dog fence is a lot simpler to install. It can be set up and functioning in less than an hour. You don’t need special tools. Installation is no mess, no fuss. On the other hand, in-ground dog fences can take much of your time to get it up and running. For one, you have to dig trenches and bury the wires. This can be a time-consuming and energy-draining task. If you don’t have the luxury of time to do it yourself, or if you’re not able bodied, or if you don’t have someone to help you to do the digging, this type of dog fence may not be for you. Of course, you can always pay someone and do it for you if you have the money.

You cannot travel with an in-ground dog fence because by its very nature, it’s not portable. If you and your dog are into travel and adventure, you’ll need a device that can go with you and an in-ground dog fence may not be your best bet. However, if portability is a non-issue and you’re willing to do all the hard work in installing an in-ground fence system, get it as it has numerous advantages over a fully wireless system.

Boundary wobble is one of the major disadvantages of a fully wireless system. This issue is almost nonexistent in in-ground models as the wires are firmly secured into the ground, which means the boundary is fixed and so you avoid issues related to boundary wobble. Many 100% wireless models also only provide a circular boundary, a major downside for some dog owners. With an in-ground dog fence, you can create a boundary in any shape that you need. This system is perfect if you have a beautifully landscaped garden with barriers that could weaken the boundary in a fully wireless model. In general, in-ground fences are preferred over fully wireless fence systems because of their versatility and they have less interference issues.

On the other hand, a fully wireless dog fence is a great option for dog owners who need a secure and safe space in their yard with minimal fuss. As mentioned, they’re simpler to install and maintain and are perfect for dog owners who travel a lot with their dogs, thus requiring a portable system that can be brought on the road and installed anywhere they choose.

Another major advantage of a fully wireless fence over an in-ground fence is price. If there are no stationary woods or metals surrounding your home or property, and spending over $1500 is out of the question, installing a wireless dog fence is an incredible cost effective option for you. It only costs between $150 and $600, not bad for a quality containment system.

While regular wireless dog fences have disadvantages that make them a less desirable or an unsuitable option for many dog owners, the higher-end GPS models resolve most of these issues. Expensive models can be a great heavy duty option for you if you live on large estates or farms, or if you live with large super active canines who need a more powerful containment system to contain them.

Wireless vs. Semi-Wireless Dog Fences

Wireless vs. Semi-Wireless Dog Fences

Dog lovers have two options when getting a wireless dog fence: fully wireless and semi-wireless fences. What are the major differences between a wireless dog fence and a semi-wireless dog fence?

100% wireless fences use a radio transmitter to define boundaries, which always expand in a circle around the transmitter. In this system, you can’t change the shape of the boundaries or define specific limits. On the other hand, semi-wireless fence systems use wires combined with wireless receivers. An in-ground fence uses an underground antenna wire and comes with a receiver collar. You can completely customize boundary shapes in semi-wireless dog fence systems.

Are Wireless Dog Fences Safe?

wireless fence

Many dog owners are worried that wireless dog fences may be harmful to their dogs. But if installed and used properly, and if dogs are trained to use this system, then yes, wireless dog fences are very safe for your puppy. As a matter of fact, using a wireless dog fence may improve your pup’s safety in his life. This will in turn give you a peace of mind. You significantly reduce the risk of your favorite furry baby running out into the street or straying and getting lost. Once you have set up the invisible dog fence and trained your doggo to respond to the stimulus, you can let him play freely almost completely without getting paranoid.

Again, training your dog is key to his safety. Some dog owners have a particularly stubborn escape artist who keeps running away even after receiving shocks. Until he gets the hang of the containment system, he will got to an unsafe spot and be stressed out, not knowing where to go. So, it is very crucial that until you’re confident your dog is 100% trained, you need to stand by with him in case he gets all panicky. This is also one of the reasons why many collars automatically shut-off after a continuous stimulus. We all know you don’t want to hurt your friend. All you want is for him to know when he’s about to go beyond his limits.

Are Wireless Dog Fences Effective?

Are Wireless Dog Fences Effective?

Invisible dog fences, whether 100% wireless or semi-wireless, are effective overall. A fully wireless dog fence will work perfectly fine if it’s set up in a property with no or minimal slope and landscaping, or located located at least 30 feet from the road. It won’t work effectively around woods and metals, such as metal roofing, aluminum siding, and other interferences. So before you buy one, make sure to take note of the reviews and decide which system is the best for you and your dogs.

You’ll also need to be very careful when setting up the system up. Make sure that your dog’s range doesn’t cover anything unsafe, like roads. If you use the system properly, however, your wireless dog fence can effectively limit your pup’s access to no-no areas and protect him from dangerous escapes. If you’re using an in-ground dog fence, make sure to maintain any wires to ensure proper functioning.

Important Wireless Dog Fence Features

Important Wireless Dog Fence Features

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a wireless dog fence:

Perimeter. These fences are basically the plug and play types. This means that you won’t have to do any hard work in setting up the system. All you need to do is to bend down to plug in the transmitter and sync the collar with it. So easy, right! This transmitter will produce an invisible fence at your designated range, far away from the base in every direction. Suppose you set your transmitter to a range of 500 feet. There will be an invisible fence 1,000 feet in diameter with the digital transmitter at the very center. This will designate a boundary that will allow your dogs to play freely within it.

Buried wire. If your property has slopes and possible interferences, a circular wireless dog fence won’t work. If this is the case, you may want to consider getting the more labor-intense in-ground semi-wireless fence. Here, you dig trenches and bury the wire wherever you want the borders for your dogs.  You can control the designated play zones perfectly if you set up the system appropriately. You can make any layout pattern or shape: with this system, you can allow your canine in the backyard and make the front yard or the side yards off limits. Please take note, every barrier your dog has, you need to dig and bury.

Repelling or containing? What do you want from the invisible dog fence you’re planning to buy? Will you use it to contain your dogs, to keep them on your property? Or do you want to protect the blossoming flowers in your garden or any other areas in your property from your dogs, no matter how much you love them? If so, then consider getting a device with a zone protective feature. In this regard, you get to contain and repel your dogs. This means that they can move around freely but cannot go to the off-limits are, a double win for you.

Customizing boundaries. If you’re customizing uniquely shaped boundaries for your pets to play on, you may need a lot of wire to bury. We recommend that you measure, measure, and measure before you go out and buy an in-ground semi-wireless fence to really make sure you have enough. But don’t stress about it too much. You can always add to it later.

Range. Remember that you’ll need a range large enough to encompass all the safe zones. Also keep in mind that for fully wireless fence systems, the transmitters cover a circular area so if your property has corners not covered by this circular zone, you may need to think bigger to expand the range. As for in-ground dog fences, you also need to consider that range and do a bit of math to cover all the safe zones.

Containment and training combination. Many dog owners want to have a system that will both take care of training and containing their doggos. Already available in the market is the behavior e-Collar that corresponds with a containment transmitter; one receiver collar for both the invisible dog fence and the handheld remote that can be used manually to issue warnings for bad behavior.

Which Kinds Of Dogs Are Wireless Fences Good For?

which kind of dogs are wireless fences good for?

Are wireless fences good for all types of dogs? Is there a minimum or maximum age or weight for canines to use invisible fences? Can you use one for your toy breeds?

We suggest that you start training your dog with corrective shocks when he is at least 6 months old. You can use flags or other training devices in case you want to introduce your baby to the system a bit sooner. What about the maximum age? There’s no maximum age for doggies to use an invisible fence. The shock they receive from a wireless dog fence is completely harmless. In fact, it’s perfectly safe for older dogs as long as they’re healthy.

Any dog size and weight requirements? Well, these are definitely considerations when getting a wireless fence. We advise against using a wireless dog fence for dogs weighing less than 8 pounds. Most dog fence systems require a minimum of 8 pounds, and this means that puppies and small breeds like a Maltese, Pug, or Chihuahua may be too tiny to trigger the receiver. The collar can be too heavy to wear for small dogs. Besides, small shocks generated by even the lowest correction level may be too strong for a furry friend of that size.

Overall, if you have a tiny dog chances are you won’t be able to get an invisible fence that would work for you. We’re thinking, why would anyone leave their tiny dog outside alone in the first place? Unsupervised small toy breeds can be harmed by larger animals or easily be dognapped.

On the other hand, if you have a giant dog like an English Mastiff, Great Dane, or St. Bernard, you may need to customize the collar that produces a more intense correction signal. Many very large dogs to respond to the signal transmitted by a regular collar, but it will be best to know whether your canine will need a little bit extra to make sure he stays within the designated boundary.

How Much Do Electric Dog Fences Hurt?

how much do wireless dog fences hurt

The standard electronic dog collar emits a pulse of around 5000 volts. It sounds awful until you know that when we talk about electricity, volts aren’t equivalent to pain. As far as electricity is concerned, it’s not the volts that count so much as the amps, or the current that drives electricity into the body. So a standard electronic dog collar gives a shock equivalent to the one you get by touching a doorknob or walking across a carpet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless Fences

frequently asked questions about wireless dog fences

Do invisible dog fences really work?

A wireless dog fence is one of the top options for keeping your puppies safe and secure as long as the system is installed and used properly. Once the invisible fence is in place, it will always give your dog with a gentle reminder of where it should and shouldn’t go. This will save you a great deal of time and energy. You won’t have to remind your pup of his boundaries every now and then. You can let him roam and play freely, assured that the wireless dog fence has you covered.

Can the shock from a wireless fence hurt my dog?

We often get this question. It’s a myth that still circulates because of videos that apparently show canines in pain. We understand that you don’t want to hurt your furry babies, and we certainly don’t want to harm our dogs either. But we assure you that an invisible fence is safe for dogs, and it won’t hurt your darling pet.

Most “shock collars” feature different corrections levels. Some has 3 while others go as high as 7 levels. The “shock” becomes more intense as the level goes higher. But the correction dogs receive from these “shock collars” are actually not shocks at all. Unlike the shock we get when we touch a physical electric fence, the correction from a collar is produced by a battery. Basically, what your dog gets is a very light but very startling shock of static electricity. Your dog will get a feeling very similar to a mild doorknob shock, like a tingle. So no matter how high the correction level gets, it certainly can’t hurt your pup. A wireless fence is not designed to harm dogs, but only to get their attention.

What’s the best wire size for my wireless dog fence?

The rule of thumb is: the thicker the wire, the stronger it is. For the uninitiated, electric wires come in gauges (14-gauge, 16-gauge, etc.), and gauge number is inversely proportional to its resilience as well as capacity. So, the lower the gauge number, the bigger and more resilient it is. Having said that, getting the best wire size will partly depend on whether your dog is a powerful digger or has a flair for chewing on things. You’ll certainly need a wire that is resilient against breakage.

Can invisible dog fences be used on a sloped yard?

If you own a sloped property, a 100% wireless dog fence will have problems functioning, since this system hampers the transmitted signal from going down or up hills. If the property is sloped or has irregular shape, you’ll need to invest in an in-ground dog fence system. Here, you dig and bury the wire in the slope to make sure that the boundary is completely covered.

Will weather or lightning affect my wireless dog fence?

Many invisible dog fences have protective features against harsh weather. Some of these have surge and lightning protectors to help lessen or eliminate the risks connected to such electrical issues. Thanks to modern technology, wires can now be protected against weather changes and other environmental factors.

What are the benefits of an invisible dog fence?

A wireless dog fences is your best choice when it comes to securing your dog’s safety. Here are the major benefits of an invisible dog fence:

  1. It’s way cheaper than conventional dog fences. Having a physical boundary, a metal or a wooden fence, around your property to keep your dogs from escaping can drain your savings. You’ll need to shell out $1500 to $3000 or more depending on the type of material used or size of the area you wish to cover. This excludes the fee of around $2000 if you’re hiring a professional. In contrast, a wireless dog fence will only cost you between $150 and $600.
  2. It preserves the view and the landscape. If you have a property by a lake or on the mountainside, the last thing you’d want to do is to obstruct the splendid view outside. The best invisible fence will give a safe boundary for your dogs, without the obstructions of a physical fence. A wireless fence will also keep your pups away from your beautiful landscaped garden, without interrupting their play.
  3. It makes your furry babies happy. We agree that this is the most important benefit of invisible dog fences. They’re designed primarily to keep dogs happy by giving them the space to play and exercise. A healthy dog is happy, content, and free. He’s emotionally stable, strong, and agile.

Other Wireless Fences We Reviewed

Still undecided which wireless dog fence to buy? Here are some good invisible fences to choose from:

  • Havahart Wireless Radial-Shape Select Fence: It has one of the largest coverage areas (its maximum coverage area is 11 acres) for a wireless dog fence. Among all the invisible fences, it also has the lowest boundary wobble, around 1.5 feet.
  • Perimeter Technologies Wire-Free Wi-Fi Dog Fence. Its maximum coverage area is 2.5 acres. It’s is a bit pricey compared to other top invisible dog fences, but it has some unique features not available in other fences. One is the boundary challenge system that warns you when your pup is trying to cross the boundary.
  • Funace Pet Containment System. This portable containment system comes with a rechargeable collar, high-performance transmitter, and features an anti-over shocking design. This is one the best wireless dog fences because it’s effective and it won’t cost a fortune, compare to other in-ground dog fences.
  • Pet Control HQ’s Electric Fence Dog Collar & Wireless Remote Dog Training System. The makers of this wireless dog fence claim: “The first of its kind in America, our electric invisible fence system is a humane dog fence and remote dog trainer system in one. We use harmless static corrections that will quickly train your dog to behave.”

So, have you decided which wireless dog fence is the most appropriate for you and your dog’s needs? If yes, good for you! If not, don’t worry. Deciding which one to buy takes time. But it’s easy to find an invisible fence if you know exactly what you need. Whether you go with a 100% wireless model or an in-ground semi-wireless fence, make sure you won’t regret your decision.


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