Top 10 World’s Cutest Puppy Breeds

There’s no doubt about the fact that puppies are adorable and while all of them are cute in their own way, there are some puppy breeds that stand head and shoulders above the rest. To learn more about the top ten cutest puppy breeds of all, be sure to keep reading, so that you are able to make the correct decision the next time you are in the process of choosing a puppy. Here are the Top 10 World’s Cutest Puppies for 2019.

Saint Bernard


While the Saint Bernard’s size as an adult makes it more difficult for some pet owners to keep them around, those who live in areas where they can provide their Saint Bernard with space to run and play love having the company of a Saint Bernard puppy. They might seem scary to those who are only familiar with the adult version of the Saint Bernard, but they are typically harmless and you will have lots and lots of fun with them.

Jack Russell Terrier


For families that seek a puppy of their own, the The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the cutest puppies to purchase. They are small dogs who are able to live in a smaller apartment without creating havoc and their cheerful, loving deposition makes them one of the most adorable breeds known to man. By adopting a Jack Russell Terrier at a young age, you have the chance to mold a companion who will become your best friend for years to come.



These dogs cannot be left off of any respectable of the cutest puppy breeds, as they are one of the first breeds that most of us were introduced, thanks to the classic Disney film 101 Dalmatians. Children everywhere have been asking their parents for a dalmatian of their very own for years and how can you blame them? Their unique spots set them apart from all of the other puppies and make them one of the cutest breeds of all.



The Pomeranian looks as if it stepped out of a cartoon and this makes them almost too cute to tolerate. The Pomeranian puppy packs an insane level of cuteness into a very small package and while they are still very adorable once they are grown up, there are few pleasures in life that can match the sight of a Pomeranian puppy. They are among the cutest possible creatures that you are ever going to see in your life and if you are in search of a puppy to bring home to your little ones, there are few breeds that match their level of adorable.



The Samoyed breed has one of the dreamiest looks of any puppy breed and they look like the animals that we used to read about in fairy tales when we were small. Samoyed puppies resemble tiny little snowballs and their gigantic hair makes them loads of fun to cuddle with. They have a kind disposition that makes for great companionship and while they were once used for pulling sleds in their native Siberia, those days have come and gone.



The beagle puppy allows pet owners to enjoy the best of both worlds, as they are beautiful and intelligent.There is no animal lover in the world who can look into those eyes without melting into a puddle and they will do anything in their power to make their owners happy. Beagle puppies are essentially impossible to resist and we do not know why anyone would ever try to do so.

Golden Retriever


For the vast majority of the population, the golden retriever is one of the first cute puppies that they are ever got to know, thanks to the presence of Comet on the classic family sitcom Full House. They are a favorite puppy breed, beloved by owners who can’t enough of their fluffy fur, manageable size and kind faces. The fact that they are so clumsy only adds to how endearing they are and watching them fumble and flail around will have you laughing at them in spite of yourself.

Shar Pei


As one of the most distinctive puppy breeds, the Shar Pei is one of the most commonly mentioned dogs when discussions of the cutest puppy breeds are brought up. While the adult version of the Shar Pei is already adorable enough, the puppy sized Shar Pei is enough to make a pet lover go crazy (in the best possible way, of course). Their specifically adorable appearance makes them incredibly popular and for good reason.



The whole world seems to have gone crazy for the pug and rightfully so. After all, how could anyone possibly say no to that cute little face? The best part about pug puppies is that they are able to maintain their insane level of cuteness well into adulthood and as a result, they have become the most accepted breed of puppy for people who value the companionship of a smaller dog who do not enjoy the company of a toy dog.


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This long and low breed has its fan and it has its detractors, but how could you possibly deny these cute little faces? They definitely stand out from the crowd and their puppy bodies don’t take on the same elongated shape as their adult counterparts until they are much older. If you are the type of person who could never see yourself owning a Dachshund, this is probably because you have never encountered one as a puppy.

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