Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Toys

Tug Toys

The debate pops up here and there on dog forums. Should I allow my dog to play with a tug toy? It’s an excellent question and there’s many pro & con answers to it. Pro: Keeps your dog (especially larger breeds) under control when over excited. Teaches the pup how to share. Cons: Can cause tooth damage. The dog may become over aggressive and go as far as biting the owner. Dog may challenge owners authority.

Those squeaky toys with the bells & whistles in them.


The infamous squeaky toy. Probably the most annoying dog toy to purchase and one of the most dangerous! 9 times out of 10 our dogs will turn these toys to roadkill in a half hour. The squeaky toy may seem harmless but it is not.

After destroying the toy many dogs end up chocking on the little squeaky ball inside the toy. You may wonder why dogs tend to tear these toys up instantly when getting them? It’s their hunting instincts coming alive within! Nothing has changed in our dogs since their ancestors were hunting wild prey.

The Shoe Hide/Latex Toy


Who thought of this….I mean really!?!? Why would I want to teach my dog to slobber, chew, & enjoy a shoe!! Expect to be putting your shoes up off the floor!

Pig Ears

Anybody else enjoy picking up your favorite pillow and finding a nicely regurgitated pig ear stuck to it…. These things just won’t go away at the dog store. Dogs have a hard time digesting pig ears and will usually end up throwing it up. This can be dangerous if the pig ear become lodged into the dogs throat.

Can you say “Phthalates”?

Many vinyls contain a number of additives known to be highly toxic to dogs. Lead, alkyl-phenols, organotin, and bisphenol-A, are present in vinyl But those getting the most attention today are called “phthalates.” An engineered chemical, when introduced into vinyl, make it soft and cooperative. They do this very well in part because their molecules do not bond to PVC, but rather move freely through it. And because they move through it, they also move freely out of it and into the surrounding environment.

Cow Hooves

caries in dog

Expect a visit to the vets office for dental issues with your canine if you routinely give him Cow Hooves. Noted across dog forums, Cow Hooves have been causing broken and fracture teeth and splintering in the bone. Nylabones are a safe alternative to this problem.

The Tennis Ball

I know…. I know…Probably the most common dog toy out there but also remember it can be one of the most dangerous. These balls are easy to rip up and digest. Numerous larger breed dogs have been known to SWALLOW these things!

Chicken Bones

Everyone knows that chicken bones are dangerous for dogs. DO NOT EVER give your dog cooked chicken bones. These dry, brittle bones will splinter into sharp tiny pieces. These little splinters can severely damage your dogs ingestion tract.

Kong® Beast Ball Toy


Social media has been abuzz about these new beast ball toys. Not because of how great they are…but how dangerous they can be! The ball located at the end of the tug toy can get lodged into your canines tongue. Many dogs have been unable to get the ball off the tongue. The longer the ball stays on the tongue of the dog the more dangerous the situation will get. The dog tongue can become painfully engorged and cause serious health risks!


Top 10 Best Dog Toys 2019 

Rawhide is the WORST possible thing you can give your dog. Rawhide does not breakdown in the dogs digestive system. Hundreds of dogs will make a visit to the vet on daily basis to have a piece of rawhide removed from their stomach. [td_smart_list_end]

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