Diamond Naturals Dog Food: An In-Depth Review

dog food review
If you have a dog, you surely want to get the best food for your dog at the best price without making any compromises on quality or sourcing of ingredients. Diamond Naturals dog food offers very high-quality kibble with great ingredients at a reasonable price. In this article, Diamond Naturals Dog Food: An In-Depth Review, I look into all the features of this food to decide if it is a good pick for your dog. 

Things to look for in a dog food


You want the best for your dog, but you will be buying a lot of dog food over the course of your dog’s life, so every penny counts in the price of the dog food you choose. On the other hand, if you choose a low-quality food that doesn’t give your dog all the nutrition they need, you’ll be paying a lot more in vet bills than you ever would have on food. Balance the price of food against the quality of ingredients to decide which food offers you the best value and meets your dog’s nutritional needs.


Most dogs thrive on a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, and grain. That said, meat is an amazing source of protein and most dogs love the taste of foods that contain meat as a first ingredient. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose a product that contains meat as the first ingredient. Ideally, the first ingredient will be a type of meat meal, since this is a concentrated form of meat protein. 


No one likes to deal with a dog that has an upset digestive system. Furthermore, if your dog isn’t properly digesting the food they eat, they’re missing out on valuable vitamins and minerals that they need. Dogs generally digest protein from meat quite well, so a recipe with meat as the first ingredient is a good way to offer your dog digestible food. Another thing to look for when choosing a food is added microorganisms and probiotics to assist the gut’s function.

Diamond Naturals Dog Food: An In-Depth Review

Diamond Naturals is a very high-quality food sold at a reasonable price. In all recipes, meat or meat meal is the first ingredient, followed by high-quality grains like ground sorghum and white rice. They also offer protein levels to meet various energy levels. For instance, you’ll find formulas for puppies of both large and small breeds as well as formulas for older dogs and dogs that need to lose weight. Diamond Naturals dog foods are formulated with probiotics to improve your dog’s digestion. They are free of corn, wheat, soy, and other ingredients that may concern some pet owners.


  • Very affordable high-quality food
  • Formulated for digestive support and joint health
  • Meat meal as a first ingredient is an excellent source of protein 
  • Choose between a range of recipes to meet your dog’s needs 


  • Most of these recipes are not grain-free, so if grain-free diets are what you’re looking for, Diamond Naturals isn’t for you
  • Not the cheapest food on the market, although it is one of the lowest prices you’ll find for this level of quality food 
  • Nothing particularly enticing about the kibble, so some dogs may be indifferent about this food

Features & Benefits of Diamond Naturals Dog Food

Quality ingredients

Diamond Naturals is all about natural ingredients that will benefit your dog’s health. In all of their ingredients, meat meal is the first ingredient. This is followed by digestible and healthy sources of grain like rice, barley, and sorghum. Natural digestion assistance is provided in proprietory prebiotics and probiotics. There is a wide variety of recipes, but in all cases, the ingredients are high quality.


This is far from the cheapest dog food on the market, but it is a very reasonable price considering the high-quality ingredients. You can find all kinds of added benefits in these foods that you would pay more for in formulas by other brands. If you need to feed a large dog food for a lifetime or have many mouths to feed but don’t want to compromise on quality, this may be the perfect food for you.


There are a lot of recipes to choose from with Diamond Naturals in both dry and wet formulas. Here are a few points to consider when choosing between these recipes.

Adult dog: beef meal and rice; chicken meal and rice formulas

These are great maintenance diets for the average adult dog with relatively high energy needs. 25% protein and 15% fat in the beef formula, and 26% protein with 16% fat in the chicken formula will fuel your dog’s activity without making them gain weight.  The first ingredient is beef meal or chicken followed by chicken meal, which are excellent sources of protein. Grain sorghum and ground white rice in the beef recipe and whole grain brown rice and cracked pearled barley in the chicken recipe are great sources of carbs for ongoing energy.  These recipes are formulated for digestive support with proprietary probiotic technology. They also have plenty of Omega fatty acids for your dog’s skin and heart health. You can feel good knowing that the beef protein comes from pasture-raised cattle and the chicken from free-ranging birds. 

Adult dog lamb meal and rice formula

Since beef and chicken are among the most common allergens commonly used in dog foods, you may want to choose a source of protein less likely to aggravate your dog’s allergies. This lamb and rice formula uses pasture-raised lamb as a high-quality source of protein.  Lamb meal is a concentrated form of lamb protein. On the ingredient list, it is followed by ground white rice as a highly digestible form of protein and carbohydrates that should not irritate your dog’s belly. Pearled barley and grain sorghum follow.  There is chicken fat in this diet, so if your dog is highly sensitive to chicken protein, they may still have an allergic reaction; however, most dogs are unlikely to react badly to this food. Crude protein of 23% and crude fat at 14% are slightly lower than those provided by the beef meal & rice formula. 

Extreme athlete adult dog chicken and rice formula

If your dog never slows down, this food will give them the fuel they need to keep going all day. An impressive 91% of the protein in this food comes from chicken and egg ingredients. Since the protein is at 32%, this is a very impressive meat content for any dog food.  Extra glucosamine and chondroitin are provided to keep your dog’s joints healthy even under strain. The 25% of fat content is enough to give your dog energy without putting on pounds. You can feel good knowing that the chicken comes from a cage-free source. 

Large breed

There are two diets made specifically for large breed dogs. These recipes keep both protein and fat a little bit lower to ensure that your dog does not gain weight, which strains the joint and heart. The nutrient levels are balanced perfectly for your large breed dogs. Glucosamine and chondroitin are beneficial for your dog’s joints and are important as many large breed dogs suffer from joint problems. 

Puppy formulas

Puppy formula is provided both for large breeds and small breeds. Puppy formulas contain plenty of calcium and phosphorus so that your puppy will grow strong bones and teeth. DHA is provided for the development of your puppy’s vision and brain. The crude protein of 27% and fat at 15% is ideal for your growing large breed puppy. Small breed puppies get a little bit more fat, at 16%. 

Special diets

Special diets are provided for dogs with special needs. A salmon and potato formula is great for your dog’s skin and coat and is also free of grains in case your dog requires a grain-free diet. The senior dog formula provides oatmeal to encourage your dog’s digestion. Light adult dog lamb meal and rice formula contains lower protein at 18% and significantly lower fat at 6% to help your dog lose weight.

Wet diet

Some of the same great recipes and ingredients offered by the dry recipes are offered in wet varieties. There are two wet foods formulated for dogs and puppies while the lamb dinner is formulated only for adult dogs. These diets have slightly lower protein and fat than dry food varieties, with protein at 10% and fat at 5% in the beef dinner, 9.5% protein and 7% fat in the chicken recipe, and 9.5% protein and 5% in the lamb diet. 

What People Say about Diamond Naturals Dog Food

People love the price of Diamond Naturals and say it a great alternative to expensive high-end dog food. Some people find that their dogs aren’t thrilled about the taste or have some digestive upset, but for the most part, dogs and people alike are pleased with this food. 

Alternatives to Diamond Naturals Dog Food

Not sold on Diamond Naturals dog foods? Here are a few other great options that vary in price and ingredients for you to choose from. 

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend With Probiotics Adult Dry Dog Food

Here is high-quality food with a similar ingredient and cost profile to Diamond Natural. It is fortified with probiotics, guaranteed to help your dog digest all of the vitamins and minerals provided by this food.  This food offers a combination of crunchy kibbles to give your dog good dental health and tender meaty pieces that will entice them into eating the entire bowl every time. Its crude protein content of 32% is quite high, able to fuel the average dog with a fairly high energy level. The first ingredient is real chicken, which may not offer as much protein as chicken meal.
  • Whole chicken rather than chicken meal is the first ingredient
  • Crunchy kibble and tender meaty pieces offer a tantalizing combination as opposed to standard kibble from Diamond Naturals
  • Contains poultry by-product even in salmon, beef, and chicken recipes 
Try Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend With Probiotics Adult Dry Dog Food

Wag Amazon Brand Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for a diet that offers high-quality meat as the first ingredient but doesn’t cost too much, this great diet from Wag may be just what you’re looking for. This food avoids grains while keeping the cost down. Turkey is the first ingredient, followed by turkey meal, lentils, pea protein, and peas. This food offers an impressive 35% crude protein to fuel your energetic dog’s activities. Its 15% of fat is enough to give your dog energy without causing them to gain weight. Recipes are also provided in beef, lamb, and salmon. 
  • More affordable option than Diamond Naturals dog food
  • Grain-free diet using peas and lentils
  • No wheat, grain, or corn 
Try Wag Amazon Brand Dry Dog Food Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food This recipe by Blue Buffalo is packed with real chicken and is free of grains. It is a fairly high protein diet, at 34% protein. 15% of fat powers your dog’s energy without causing them to gain weight. This diet comes in your choice of chicken, duck, or salmon. Fish meal is high up the ingredient list regardless of what recipe you choose, offering a great natural source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  
  • Grain-free recipes
  • Generally slightly more expensive than Diamond Naturals
  • Whole meat is the first ingredient in all recipes, followed by meal
Try Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Conclusion:  Diamond Naturals dog food

Diamond Naturals dog food is a wonderful well-balanced diet for your dog that you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for. You will appreciate the high-quality ingredients, which are similar to more pricey foods. You’ll feel like you are feeding your dog well for bargain prices. You can choose from a number of formulas, both wet and dry, to meet your dog’s needs.  Try Diamond Dog Food

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