7 Reasons to Adopt a Mixed Breed Dog

Adding a new dog to your household is an important decision. You’ll provide him with food, shelter, and attention. In turn, he’ll give you many years of devoted companionship. In your quest to find the right dog for your household, why not consider a mixed breed dog? A mixed breed offers a variety of advantages over a purebred one. Here are a few reasons to consider adopting a mixed breed dog:

1. Mixed breed dogs appreciate your love and kindness.

A mixed breed dog from a shelter is appreciative of your time and attention. Many of them have been neglected or abused in the past and are grateful for any kindness you offer them. They’ll show their appreciation by guarding your home and your family, and are even willing to lay down their life to protect you.

2. Mixed breeds tend to be healthier.

Studies have shown that mixed breed dogs live longer lives and fewer health problems when compared to purebred dogs. This is because they’re not inbred like pedigrees. If you want your companion around for many years, consider a mixed breed dog for health reasons.

3. Mixed breed dogs tend to be more intelligent.

As a generalization, mixed breed dogs are more intelligent, worldly, and savvy with lots of common sense and street smarts. If you ask dog owners who have owned both mixed breeds and purebreds, many of them will confirm this fact.

4. You can find them in shelters.

There are so many mixed breed dogs in shelters that need your love and companionship. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you save the life of a shelter dog. It’s one of the very best forms of recycling.

5. Mixed breed dogs are truly one-of-kind.

There are too many cookie cutter, purebred dogs in this world. Would you rather have a Picasso original or a reprint? Why not stop choosing dogs based on status and consider the unique characteristics a mixed breed dog offers?

6. Mixed breed dogs live longer.

As a generalization, when comparing mixed breed and purebred dogs of similar size, the mixed breed dog will outlive the purebred. Again, this comes down to the fact that most purebred dogs are inbred which creates health problems that shorten their lives.

7. Adopting a mixed breed helps to reduce animal overpopulation.

Breeders of purebred dogs often contribute to pet overpopulation by irresponsible breeding. When you adopt a mixed breed dog from a shelter not only are you reducing the number of homeless pets, you’ll get a dog that’s already spayed or neutered in most cases. You’ll have a positive impact on the continuing problem of pet overpopulation and production.

If you decide that a mixed breed dog is not for you or you have your heart set on a particular breed of dog, why not call your local animal shelter first? These facilities have a variety of purebred dogs in need of your love and attention. It’ll make your heart feel good.

Kevin Bentley

Hi, I’m Kevin Bentley, a dog lover and enthusiast. Though I started out as a cat person, my wife quickly set me on the true path of dog love. Now I’m full-on obsessed with dogs and everything related to dogs. I’ve purchased every dog accessory you can think of, so I decided to collect my thoughts about them on this site.

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