Top 10 Worst UK Dog Food Brands for 2020

There is a ton of dog food available for your pup in the United Kingdom today. Looking at all the ingredient lists, guaranteed analysis and online reviews can make choosing the right dog food quite difficult. So what’s the worst dog food brands? We have compiled a list of some of the worst based off the ingredient list found on the bag.

10Purina® Beneful Original

The bright looking bag with fresh vegetables and red meat make this brand appear to be healthy for our dogs. Unfortunately, this colorful kibble doesn’t come close to being a 100% complete & balanced dog food. Cereal and meat/meat by-products is found in this brand. Beneful fails to state to the consumer what actually 26% meat in red lumps is. Overweight dogs should steer clear of this brand. Note: This dog food is extremely popular in the USA.

Ingredients: Cereals (35%), meat & meat by-products (26% meat in red lumps, 4% beef in red lumps), vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, sugar, vegetable by-products, minerals, vegetables (4% vegetables in the green and yellow kibble).


Kevin Bentley

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