Top 10 Best Ways To Help Fight Dog Allergies

Most dog owners will agree that one of the worst things in the world is to see their dog suffering during an allergy. Some dog allergy symptoms include red eyes, discharge from the nose and eyes, itchy skin, itchy feet, and red spots resulting from scratching.

If your dog suffers any of the above symptoms, do not be discouraged as these allergies can be fought and managed. There are many ways to fight dog allergies a vet can diagnose the reaction and prescribe treatment while there are also certain things you can do to alleviate a portion of the symptoms and make your dog feel better. Below are ten ways to fight dog allergies.

10Use White Vinegar to Wipe Your Dog’s Ears 

If your pet gets an ear infection due to allergies, it will help greatly if you put a small quantity of white vinegar in your dog’s ear. It is important to do this only if you see a many brown-pink ear wax, scratching and rubbing his/her ears, is shaking his/her head a lot, and there is a bad smell coming from your pet. Most naturopathic vets insist that dog owners should put a small amount of white vinegar in the ear canal after which they massage the area gently before using a cotton ball to wipe the outer ear.


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