How to keep your dog’s paws safe from burning on hot asphalt during the summer months.

Walking your dog can be super beneficial for them as well as yourself. Studies show, walking your dog 30 minutes a day 3 times a week can reduce stress & high blood pressure, increase energy & stamina, give them a sense of well-being AND help everyone in the pack lose weight!

As responsible dog owners, we are fully aware of the dangers that lurk when we take our dogs for walks. We use caution when we cross the street with our dogs. We keep our dogs secure and by our sides at all times when walking. We keep an eye out for predatorial wildlife and stray animals. We usually try to cover all the dangerous possibilities that could go wrong. One danger that lurks comes as a surprise to some owners with a trip to the Vet ER… the hot pavement they walk on!

Hot pavement can reach excess of 160 degree fahrenheit! A sunny summer day with 85 degree heat can cause the pavement to reach a temperature upwards of 145 degrees! Skin contact exposure of 140 degree heat for merely 6 seconds can begin onset of 2nd degree burns!

So what can we do to prevent this from happening? Stop taking them for walks in the summer time!? NO NEVER!!!! There is a rule of thumb to go by if your unsure if the pavement is safe to walk on. Place the backside of your hand on the pavement for 10 seconds, if you can bare this temperature so can your dog’s paws!

But what if the pavement is too hot? What should I do? For starters you can find an alternative walking route. Parks, trails or fields with plenty of shade is a great option. Jumping in the pool or letting them swim in the local pond/lake is always a great exercise alternative as well. The #1 best way to protect your dog’s paws is with burn prevention waxes. Here is one of the best available online!

Musher’s Secret Natural Paw Protection


100% natural wax that was developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs. This dense, barrier wax forms a breathable bond on your dog’s paws. Musher’s Secret provides protection in the most extreme conditions from ice to hot pavement and sand this product is safe and natural. The product dries in mere seconds and will not stain carpets or furniture. Product can we be used weekly or as needed!

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