Dog Owners: Be aware and vigilant of helpless dogs suffering in locked cars this summer!

A Friendly Reminder To ALL Dog Owners:


Summer of 2016 is finally here! We are fortunate enough to protect and cool our bodies off from the excessive heat from the summer time fun. Unfortunately, for our dogs, they can not protect and cool their bodies off as well as we can, especially in vehicles.

Imagine yourself wearing a winter coat in the 95 degree summer heat. What would happen? Well nothing because you would be able to take it off. A dog has a coat on 24/7/365 and they can’t take it off. It’s important to know how irresponsible it is to leave a dog in the heat of a car or simply outside for long periods of time.

Dogs who have to be outside MUST have a substantial amount of water, plenty of shade and should NEVER be tied down to a leash for more then 15 minutes! We highly recommend purchasing a kiddie pool for your pup to cool down in when necessary.

Dog owners who have to leave their pups in the car should take extra precautions. Heat temperatures above 80º can heat a car to 120º+ in under 15 minutes! We strongly recommend leaving your car running with the A/C on when leaving your dog behind, even if it’s for a few minutes!


Homeless older and younger dogs are more likely to succumb to heat stroke and we can not stress enough how important it is to BRING THESE DOG INSIDE when temperatures begin reaching 85º and beyond.

For the owners who still don’t seem to understand that leaving a dog outside in excessive heat is irresponsible here is a list of warning signs a dog is suffering from heat stroke….

  • Extreme Panting

  • Excessive drooling

  • Increased body temp 103º+ (106º take to vet immediately)

  • No production of urine when attempting to urinate

  • Sudden breathing distress

  • Wobbly or drunken state

  • Muscle tremors

  • Rapid heart rate

  • Glazed eyes

  • Vomiting and bloody diarrhea

Warning of leaving a dog in parked cars A yellow and black warning sign with the words HEAT KILLS PETS isolated on a white background

It only takes 10 minutes for a dog to begin suffering from excessive heat stroke in a car. Excessive heat can cause heart, liver, brain and nervous system damage in a very short period of time. We can not stress enough how IMPORTANT it is for dog owners to take every precaution in keeping their dog cool from the heat.

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