Ten Amazing Facts About Dogs Most Owners Don’t Know About


Whether a person is a dog lover or not, most people can be amazed by some of the amazing facts that have either been forgotten along the way or are simply not well known. The world has a variety of animals and dogs are easily one of the most intelligent, complex and instinct driven the world has to offer. Here are a few things that many people have either never heard before or may have forgotten.

10The Dog’s Eyelid 

This is more correctly termed a membrane than a lens. Dogs, cats and many other animal have one. This membrane is a secondary lens over the eyeball. If you look close at the corner of a dogs eye, you can see the edge of the membrane.

When a dog is running in the wild, perhaps in underbrush, in a fight or another situation which may endanger the eye, this membrane closes over and protects the eye, just like the more common eye lid. It looks much like a highly cater-acted eye, but apparently provides a nice compromise between safety and eye sight. The most famous lens of this type is on the Great White Shark and can be seen right before it bites you.


Kevin Bentley

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