10 Most Common Backyard Plants That are Deadly to Your Dog

Thousands of cases happen each year and many of these cases result sadly in the unexpected death of hundreds of dogs. Many dog owners strive to be aware of potential harmful substances that can damage or be lethal to a dog’s body.

Many owners may be aware of the common foods and chemicals that can poison their dog, but many more are unaware of how sick a dog could get by simply eating flowers! We have compiled a list of the ten most poisonous common backyard plants to help dog owners located and remove these beautiful, but poisonous plants.


A very common plant found in many backyards. The Azaleas makes the list as one of the most dangerous plants for your dog to eat. The Rhododendron Genus plant group can be extremely deadly to your dog. Only small doses of this plant could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, paralysis, coma and even death!

The effects of Azaleas poison occurs usually 2-4 hours after ingestion. Be sure to monitor your pup for up to 48 hours if Azaleas are consumed. At any point if you notice any abnormal behavior with your dog immediately head to the vet’s office. Coma and death usually occurs within 48 hours of ingestion.


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