Dog Trapped in Barn Stall for 7 Years RESCUED What he Looks Like now is Unbelievable.

Groomers out of Virginia were recently contacted by a neighbor seeking help for a Great Pyrenees living in a backyard stall. The dog’s owner who is suffering from a terminal illness simply threw over food and water to the dog for 6-7 years. Upon entering the stall, the groomers were shocked at what they saw.

There was so much dirt and feces blocking the door to the barn stall where Lazarus had been living, trapped in filth and inside his overgrown coat, it had to be shoveled away. “From the looks of the dog and the door it looked like it had been a while,” says C., a dog groomer who requested her name be kept private.

The poor dog unbelievably survived the sweltering heat in the summer and the disease infested filth that it had to lay in. Lazarus was quickly and professionally groomed and received a much needed bath. Incredibly, over 35 pounds of overgrown coat was cut away. Lazarus is unrecognizable in the video below.

The video suggests Lazarus will need to spend some time learning to walk again. Fortunately, Lazarus was taken to a non-profit dog rescue foster home after being groomed. He is still adjusting to normal life and it will take him some time to adjust and being enjoying life.

Kevin Bentley

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