Kids Come Up With the Funniest Christmas Dog Names You’ve Ever Heard

Kids come up with funny stuff year-round, but at Christmastime, things really seem to ramp up. Add the excitement of adopting a new dog, and you’ve got a recipe for some childish creativity that will definitely make you laugh.

Kids come up with some of the funniest Christmas dog names you’ve ever heard, and we’ve collected a few of them for your entertainment (or inspiration if you’re planning on adopting a dog of your own this Christmas).

Rules to follow

You may not have much say in how your child names their new puppy, but there are a few basic rules in naming a dog that you should insist your child follows, even if it just means altering their chosen name a little bit.

Two syllables

Trainers and experienced dog owners agree that names with one or two syllables are often better for getting your dog’s attention and teaching them their names. However, since one-syllable words are generally associated with commands, your dog may be confused if their name is only one syllable. Also, one-syllable names are harder to identify when shouted in a confusing area. Therefore two-syllable names are generally best. 

Avoid anything that sounds like a correction or command. 

If you say “No” to correct your dog, don’t name your dog something like “Beau” or “Snow,”  which your dog may confuse with a correction. If you use the word “Sit” to tell your dog to put their butt on the ground, they may be confused if their name is “Whitney” or “Mittens.” 

Keep in mind that it may be difficult for your dog to identify between sounds, especially at the beginning. You’ll want to make it easy for them by choosing something distinct from any commands or correction.

End in an E sound

Names that end in an E sound, like “Riley” or “Teddy,” tend to be a little bit better at getting your dog’s attention and sounding distinct when called out. If you expect to call your dog back from the dog park or a big backyard, it’s not a bad idea to set yourself up for success by choosing a name that ends in this sound. 

Suggestions for redirecting your child’s choice

You may really hate what your child wants to name your dog at Christmastime. Kids can be pretty determined, especially when it comes to naming THEIR puppy. Here are some suggestions that might help you change their mind. 


Suggest that instead of naming your new dog right away, you take some time to get to know their personality so you can name them something appropriate. 

Suggest a character from a favorite Christmas film

If your child just can’t stop watching a particular Christmas movie, but their name choice for the new puppy sounds nothing like the name you want to call your dog, suggest the name of a character that your child loves but that will also work well for a dog.


Older children may be able to understand why you don’t want to choose a particular name for the new family pet. You can explain that a dog is a family member and needs to have a serious name like everyone else in the family. Be clear that your child can still choose, but that you should all have a say as a family. 

Kids Come Up With the Funniest Christmas Dog Names You’ve Ever Heard 

Now that we’ve gone over some essentials of naming a dog, here are some names that kids have come up with. We guarantee they should make you crack a smile. 

So … original

One of the charming things about kids is how they look at the world with fresh eyes. Sometimes, however, this can result in some very unoriginal ideas. If you’ve ever groaned as your child insisted that “Fluffy” was, in fact, an original name for their new long-haired kitten, you’ll find these rather unoriginal Christmas dog names a familiar experience.


Your child may want to honor the jolly fellow who brought the puppy by naming the dog after him. If your kid thinks Santa is a great name for a new Christmas puppy, you may have a hard time convincing them that calling out “Santa” at the local dog park might be an embarrassing experience.


The puppy is white, after all, so isn’t Snow an appropriate name? Children have a tendency to name things after what they see. If you had a white Christmas, there’s a fair chance your child will associate the new fluffy white puppy with the fluffy white stuff covering the ground outside.

Sadly, Snow isn’t a great choice, especially if you use “No”  as a correction word. 


Rudolph is the favorite reindeer, and if your long-legged pup bears even a distant resemblance to a baby deer, this may be the name your child jumps to. Well, maybe you can convince family and friends that the dog is named after the handsome actor Rudolph Valentino or the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

I don’t think that’s a name, honey

Sometimes kids have some trouble grasping the concept of what names actually are. If you have pets named after breakfast foods or household appliances, you will appreciate these Christmas-themed names that aren’t actually names.


It’s Christmas and you got your child a new puppy, so they may naturally jump to the conclusion that Christmas is a great name for your new dog. Since Christmas can be difficult for children to pronounce, your dog may end up being called something more like “Kwismiss.” Good luck trying to convince your child to choose something more fitting to a dog than the name of a holiday.


Your new dog is really fast, and Comet is a reindeer, so it must be a good name choice, right? This isn’t the least original name on the list, but it certainly isn’t an especially creative name for a dog at Christmastime. On the plus side, this two-syllable name is a good choice for getting your dog’s attention. 


This favorite Christmas character may inspire your child’s choice in a name for their new dog. If your dog happens to be white, this is a favorite option after Snow. Frosty has the benefit of being a two-syllable word ending in an E sound, but it may not be an appropriate name year-round.


This works especially well if you have a little dog who wears bells so you know where they are. You won’t be able to help singing “Jingle All the Way” every time you hear them coming, even when it’s not Christmas.


Some names that kids choose make you wish they’d think of something else, fast. Here are a few names that might make you cringe as well as laugh.


Donner is a cute-sounding name of one of Santa’s reindeer. Just try not to think about the Donner Party, the group of American pioneers who experienced a series of gruesome mishaps on their western journey to California.


Another reindeer name, this one may sound especially uncomfortable shouted across a crowded field. Unless you think your dog can live up to such an elegant distinction, you may want to encourage your child to choose a different reindeer to name the dog after.


This name sounds cute and has a ring to it, especially for a female dog, but you may not appreciate it as much when people try to be funny by hefting your dog over their heads when they want to kiss somebody. 

Some pretty good names 

And then there are times you’ll need to admit your kid has come up with a decent name for your dog. Here are some names your child may suggest that you will probably love.


Here’s a funny name for the dog that may not have the typical canine enthusiasm for everything. If your bulldog would rather hang out on the couch than enjoy household activities, Grinch may be the perfect name for him.

Generally, two-syllable names are better, but the word Grinch is a distinct enough sound that it may be a good name for dogs, especially those that don’t need to be trained to come at a distance under distractions. 

Charlie Brown

Let’s face it, it’s funny to run through the dog park yelling, “Charlie Brown.”  You’ll probably have a hard time staying mad at your adorable new canine with such a charming name. Regardless of your dog’s breed, Charlie Brown is a cute name. Use Charlie as the name you call, so your dog knows when you’re trying to get their attention.


Holly is a cute name for a dignified female dog at any time of year. This is one of the best choices for a Christmas name that does well all year long.

As mentioned above, two-syllable names are better for getting your dog’s attention. Additionally, names that end in an E sound are especially good at getting your dog to recognize that you’re calling them. 

Tiny Tim

If you’ve got an especially little dog (or an especially big dog), this is an either adorably apt or hilariously ironic choice with a Christmas theme that works well all year. Use “Tiny” as the call name for a great two-syllable name with an E sound.


Kris Kringle is another name for Santa Claus. This offers a fun alternative name choice that works pretty well year-round. At Christmastime people may associate your dog’s name with the holiday, but other times, Kringle just sounds like a playful name for a silly dog.


Everyone’s least favorite holiday dessert doubles as a fun metaphor for someone who’s a bit crazy, which is just a delightful connotation to have in your dog’s name. If your child suspects that your new Christmas dog is a bit on the loopy side, they make pick this funny name that works all year. 


If your new dog really doesn’t have an outgoing perspective on things, Scrooge could be a hilariously appropriate name for them year-round.

It opens up opportunities for encouraging your dog to get off the couch by saying, “Come on, Scrooge, let’s go for a walk.” Try not to feel Christmas cheer and laughter all year as Scrooge slumps down and refuses a walk. 

Summing Up

Kids sure come up with some funny Christmas names. There’s no reason not to go with their creative choice, as long as the name also works well for your dog by following the above suggestions for what kind of name works best.

To set yourself up for the best possible success in training your dog, choose a two-syllable name that ends in an E sound. Whether the name your kid comes up with is adorably unoriginal, makes you cringe a bit, or is pretty darn clever, you can look forward to a long, wonderful relationship with your new Christmas pup. 

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