Ohio Woman who Abandoned her dog and Wrote “Free” Explains why…

A mixed-breed Labrador Retriever was found running free in Yoctangee Park, Ohio last week with permanent marker markings all over its body. Clearly reading “free” on the side of the dog and “good home only” on the head was a desperate attempt to abandon the dog by owner Kendra Stafford.

“I tried to contact Ross County Shelters and they were full” Stafford stated to NBC4. She added that the she intended to leave the dog at the park in a crate with a “free” sign taped to it. The problem was she couldn’t find any tape in her car. She had a permanent marker on hand and apparently decided this was the second best option.

NBC4 wanted to verify the remarks made by Stafford and questioned the county shelter that refused Stafford’s dog. Staff from the county shelter stated no person by that name ever contacted the shelter.

Kendra Stafford is now facing charges of cruelty to animals, abandonment and lack of licensing. The mixed-breed Lab was brought into the Ross County Humane Society team and was recently adopted by a new family.

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