Top 10 Howliday Gift Guide 2020!

2019 Howliday Gift Guide
2019 Howliday Gift Guide by The Dog Digest

Holiday Gifts Your Dog Will Love

Pamper Your Pup This Holiday Season!

From bacon scented bubbles, delicious supplements, car booster seats, to furniture ramps that protect your pup from injuries; this Top 10 Howliday Gift Guide is sure to help you find the pawfect present for your fur baby! Now, if only your pup had a wallet of his own…

#1. The PawRamp!

The PawRamp was designed to help your dog get on and off furniture conveniently and SAFELY! If your dog is too small to get on the sofa by himself, elderly, overweight, struggling with arthritis, recovering from an injury, or if you simply want to PREVENT an injury caused by jumping; this is the product for you!

The PawRamp
The #1 Vet Recommended Dog Ramp!

Promising review: “We love this ramp, it’s adjustable & easy to store. My little Paris is 7.5lbs and she hated the doggie stairs, I tried to get her to use them for months. But when we got the ramp, it only took a few treats and now she will run on it! Plus, it looks so much better and more modern than stairs!” – Rachel D.

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#2. The “Traveling Pooch” Booster Seat!

This booster seat was designed to keep your fur babies safe in the car! You put your children in carseats to keep them safe while driving, so why not do the same for your fur children? It has two adjustable leash attachments to securely fit two dogs and a machine washable fabric. No more pet hair all over the seats of your freshly detailed car!

Traveling Pooch Booster Seat
The #1 Car Safety Seat for Dogs!

Promising review: “Leela loves her traveling bag. She can see outside as much as she wants and can snuggly put her head down. This is a great product for both the dog and the owners. The clips inside the bag act like a safety belt on a harness and give peace of mind to the driver. Amazing!” – Frank M.

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#3. AlphaPaw Supplements!

Alpha Paw has all natural, non-GMO, and delicious supplements to help your dog stay healthy. They come in a variety of great flavors, ranging from peanut butter to an all time favorite salmon flavor!

Whether you’re searching for supplements that support healthy joints, calming chews to keep your dog’s anxiety at bay, chews that support healthy vision, or even chews that can relieve pet allergies…AlphaPaw has your back.

The Best All-Natural Supplements for Your Dog!

Promising review: “One of my dogs had some skin issues and these Omega Chews cleared her right up! Now her skin is clear and her coat is extra shiny. We keep her on these for maintenance. She also loves the chews- we give them as a treat. Highly recommend these.” – Nelson S.

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#4. The Original KONG Toy!

Kong is a standard in the dog toy community and you can’t really go wrong with it, whether your pup is young and healthy, an aggressive chewer or even a senior dog, Kong has a toy dedicated to them. Being able to stuff it with tasty treats is always a bonus!

The Original Kong Toy!

Promising review: “My dog gets very anxious when I put him in his crate because he knows that I am leaving the house. This KONG toy is the solution. I fill the hole with some kibble and some peanut butter and put it in the freezer. When I am ready to leave, I put it in his crate. He runs to his crate and immediately starts gnawing on it. No separation issues any more!!” – Carol S.

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#5. iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher!

The time when you had to throw the ball over and over and over… is over! iFetch is battery operated and can entertain your dog for as long as he wants by throwing the ball to various distances. We love it because you can use it inside and outside, and take it anywhere!

The #1 Automatic Ball Launcher for Your Pup!

Promising review: “Bought this for my 12 pound toy fox terrier. He LOVES it! We can play for hours. I was hesitant at first because of the size of the balls, but now that I’ve seen him with them I’m not worried. It is sooooo much fun!” – Tamera D.

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#6. Furbo Dog Camera!

You’ve probably seen the Furbo on multiple different gift guides this year. It has taken the dog world by storm, and is growing in popularity by the day! The Camera works with Amazon’s Alexa and alerts you in case of a dog related incident.

Now you can keep an eye on your fur baby at all times. You can talk to your dog and even throw him treats, so that he never has to feel alone in the house again!

The #1 Dog Camera!

Promising review: “I bought this item for my girlfriend who is deployed overseas in Bahrain. She loves her dog more than anything so I knew this would be a perfect gift for her.” – Maria M.

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#7. RawPaws Holiday Gift Basket

RawPaws makes it super easy with holiday treat boxes filled with treats that are all made with natural ingredients that you can recognize and understand! Why settle when you can get products that are both affordable AND healthy?

Holiday Treat Gift Basket for Dogs, by RawPaws!

Promising review: “What can I say, my dogs love them. I have found that these raw paws are easy on their teeth and I have seen less bleeding of the gums as I have seen with other store type brands. Also, they are more narrow, vs fat size chews and that helps them last. I plan on buying another bag soon and would recommend these for other medium to large breed dog owners I have 2 pits and they last for them.” – Joy F.

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#8. The Cozy Calming Dog Bed!

The bed is designed for comfort and mimics the warmth of a mother’s fur coat, helping to reduce anxiety and stress. And it comes in 6 different colors, so you can easily match it with the rest of the furniture!

Cozy Calming Bed for Dogs
The #1 Calming Bed for Dogs!

Promising review: “My dogs Luna & Crumb are obsessed with this bed! Anytime I leave the house and come back home, they are guaranteed to be cuddling together in the bed. I should probably get a second one so they don’t start fighting over it…” – Breanna P.

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#9. The Grinz Ball!

No one will ever get bored of this ball that gives your dog huge donkey teeth while still being strong enough to sustain aggressive chewers! With the extra affordable price of this ball, you don’t need to sell a kidney to be the best gift-giver in the room on Christmas day!

Grinz Ball
Hilarious Ball for Your Dog!

Promising review: “Best product ever! Our MinPin is a chewer and full of energy. These are the only toys she hasn’t chewed up. They are indestructible! High bounce too. Small enough for her. Wish the teeth picture went all the way around so we could see it no matter how she picked it up, but otherwise awesome. I’ve bought 3 to have spares in case one gets lost.” – Lauren A.

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#10. Bacon Scented Bubbles!

Bubbles are always a hit, dogs will never get tired of jumping around trying to pop them. Having them dog-safe AND bacon scented is guaranteed to be a hit. This toy can provide hours of (delicious) fun for your pup!

Bacon Flavored Bubbles – Safe for Your Dog!

Promising review: “Looked all over for a pet friendly bubble machine . Found it with the Bubbletastic. We use it two or three times a week in our dog park and it has held up well with all the dogs using it. Gives a great stream of bubbles.” – Mel P.

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Thank you for Reading our 2019 Howliday Gift Guide!

We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for to spoil your four legged best friend this year! -The Dog Digest Team

The Howliday Gift Guide 2019 by the Dog Digest

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