Five Unique Dog Birthday Gift Ideas

Why should humans be the only ones to celebrate birthdays? When your dog’s birthday rolls around, why not remember him also? After all he gives you unquestioning loyalty and devotion and can even make you smile on days when you’re down. Here are some dog birthday gift ideas you can share with your own pet:

A birthday gift certificate to a dog day care

At a dog day care center, your devoted dog can spend his birthday socializing and playing with other lucky canines in a supervised environment. Some dog day care centers even have pools where the dogs can enjoy a quick dip or lounge poolside. To find a dog day care center, look under kennels in your local yellow pages.

A batch of homemade dog treats.

Why not bake your dog a batch of healthy, but delicious, treats as a dog birthday gift? Encourage Fido to stay in the kitchen to keep you company while you’re baking his treats .You can explain to him in a soothing voice what’s in store for him. He’ll look at you with an expression that suggests he knows exactly what you’re saying, even though he probably doesn’t. Let him lick any left over dough from the bowl after his dog treats go into the oven.

A long, slow walk with lots of stops for sniffing

If you’re pressed for time, you probably walk at a pretty fast pace when you take your dog on his daily walk. On his birthday, forget about time and let him sniff trees and poles to his heart’s content. It’s a great stress reliever for him as well as a great dog birthday gift.

A trip to the pet store

You’re probably usually in a hurry when you go to the pet store. As a special dog birthday gift, take your dog along on a leash and let him roam the store to his heart’s content. Let him stop and smell the bones and treats in the aisles and check out any dogs that may be in the store. Let the store employees know it’s your dog’s birthday and he may get a special treat.

Hold a dog birthday party

Plan a small party as your dog’s birthday gift by inviting a few neighborhood dogs and their devoted owners to join in the celebrations. Bake a healthy dog birthday cake or get one from your local pet store or doggy bakery. Let the dogs frolic in your back yard if it’s fenced in. If not, celebrate by taking a group walk where humans and dogs can socialize. Make your dog’s next birthday one to remember with one of these dog birthday gifts.