This Dog Heads Out For A Normal Day At The Park… What Happens Next Is Heartbreaking!

Who doesn’t love taking their pups to the dog park. Dog owners should not be worried about the safety of their dogs when running around and playing in the park… until now! A recent story has surfaced on Facebook about one owners devastating loss after returning from the dog park. Here is the post by the dog owner’s sister….

WARNING to all dog lovers! Last night my sister’s dog, Jake, was at the community dog park. He was playing and running and having a blast. He picked up a Nerf football that was just laying around. He immediately dropped it and shook his head. He got a drink and played a bit longer. Then all of a sudden he wanted to go home. When he got home a few moments later, he laid down and in minutes he was dead. This was a wonderful, healthy 4-yr old Golden Retriever mx. Apparently someone didn’t like the dog park and had left the ball full of poison. So NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LET YOUR DOG PICK UP ANYTHING THAT HE DIDN’T BRING WITH HIM! Any toys abandoned should immediately be put in the trash! This was a horrible loss and my sister is devastated! I doubt they will ever know who did this, but don’t be the next victim. Spread the word–SAVE A LIFE!”

It’s unfortunate that dog owners need to be extremely vigilant when taking their dog to the park nowadays. Scan the area your dog is playing in. If you notice any objects or toys laying around be vigilant and pick the object up. Training your dog to understand when to pick up a object is highly recommended if you regularly visit dog parks. Enjoy the park with your dog but keep an eye out from now on!

Kevin Bentley

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