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Fromm – Dog Food Made Well

Fromm The Fromm pet food company has been making dog food for 165 years. The company is based in Mequon, Wisconsin. The company was founded in the United States by German immigrants and has grown over time to become an internationally recognized producer of dog foods.

Lots of Great Varieties

Fromm%20Products Fromm does know dogs. The variety of dog foods available is based on the age, weight, and size of your dog. Special foods for pregnant dogs, obese dogs, overweight dogs, and sick dogs are available. The idea seems to be that the company can make a product for any dog that is specialized enough to fit the animal’s particular needs. Fromm produces over 100 different dog foods. Varieties are specialized by ingredients to produce a health benefit for a particular dog. The foods are designed to address the health needs of any aged dog, the prevention of specific canine illnesses, and the damage that age does to animals. Varieties are also coordinated with the level of activity of the animal to produce an optimum weight. The products are dry dog food in a kibble and canned wet food. The shape and size of the kibble are in line with the size of the dog. The manufacturer has made an effort to easily identify each product by producing a different shape of kibble for each product. The idea is to make it easy for the owner of multiple dogs to feed the right food to each dog. The product line is segregated into Classic, Four Star, and Gold categories. The Gold variety offers a large selection of different flavors that range from surf and turf to game. The idea is to give your dog a variety of food choices that helps to keep the dog eating well. The Gold variety is designed for finicky eaters. Each Fromm dog food is labeled for a specific type of dog. Large dogs, puppies, and older dogs are a few examples. The idea is to make selection of the right food your simpler and easier.

Gluten/Grain Free

Gluten free varieties are available. Independent analysis has shown that Fromm’s grain free products are absolutely grain free. The varieties of meats used allow the owner to pick a meat that they prefer or that their dog prefers. Plant only foods are also available.

You know exactly what your dog is getting

All of the Fromm products come with specific instructions about the amount of food your dog need depending on the dog’s weight, level of activity, and age. The listing of ingredients is very specific and a catalog of nutrients in a percentage format is listed on each package. Independent analyses of Fromm dog foods indicate that the company does produce exactly what they claim to make. Fromm dog foods are based on solid veterinary science and the company has been extremely proactive in changing their recipes to comply with the latest discoveries about dog health and nutrition. The products are manufactured to comply with AAFCO nutrient standards that offer a certainty in providing the best food for the four stages of a dog’s life. Fromm dog foods have no known artificial preservatives and contain only naturally sourced antioxidants. The foods are made from only U. S. based grains and meats. A typical Gold variety from Fromm has 24 percent protein, four percent fiber, and 41 percent carbohydrates. The meat comes from duck, lamb, chicken, and fish. Vegetable content includes rice, barley, and oatmeal. Additional protein and necessary fat are supplied by chicken fat. Tomato pomace, alfalfa, flaxseed, and brewer’s yeast provide additional vegetable matter. The foods also contain an additional source of insulin, vitamins, a prebiotic, and tryptophan. Fromm products are formulated and reformulated by veterinarians. Fromm dog foods are available in 4 pound, 12 pound, and 26 pound reclosable plastic bags that are recyclable. Wet foods come in 13 ounce resealable cans.

Easy to find and cost effective

The company has gone to every effort to make their foods easy to find. You can buy direct from the company, find the foods on the net, or buy from a select group of retailers that includes the major pet food stores. The prices for Fromm dog foods are on a par with other upscale dog foods. The company offers coupons from their web site and a frequent buyer program that lowers costs. Special bulk purchases are available for vets and animal shelters. The company has a special support program for animal shelters.

The Dog Digest Verdict

The bottom line is that Fromm dog food is a superior dog food. One must consider the amount of experience the company has in making dog food as a mark of customer satisfaction. The number of products and the number of flavors indicates the company knows and understands dogs and their nutritional needs. Possibly the best recommendation for Fromm dog food comes from government agencies that test dog food and from labs that have no financial interest in Fromm. The agreement of content analysis between external agencies and Fromm’s packaging is a superior guarantee that you get a food that is the right food for your dog.

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