How This One Simple Dog Car Safety Product Saved My Pet’s Life

Until recently, I had not thought much about dog car safety. But then I was in a car accident. As with all such accidents, it happened without warning. And, like all drivers, I worried about my passenger: my three-year-old Shih-Tzu mix, Cody. We had just come from the dog park after a glorious afternoon of him playing with other dogs his own size and we didn’t have a care in the world. Then a car ran a stop sign and I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough to avoid a collision. Thankfully, I was fine, but I looked in back and saw a frightened and shaking dog. Miraculously, he came through without a scratch except for the scare the impact gave him. He saw my fear, but then he also saw my relief that all was well.

The Worst-Case Scenario

A year ago, things might not have gone as well. I used to drive with Cody roaming free throughout the car. Although it made me nervous, it never occurred to me that I had an alternative. Then, I found a booster seat for dogs, and have driven with peace of mind ever since. My peace of mind has increased after realizing it really does work to keep dogs safe in the case of an accident. The officer that arrived at the scene noted Cody’s booster seat and told me of horrors he had seen through the years. What can happen to dogs upon impact is extraordinarily terrifying. Obviously, you won’t find airbags and seat belts built into a vehicle for your canine companions. It’s hard to fathom that I and so many others have driven around with dogs for years, never thinking of the same safety concerns we have for ourselves and our human passengers.

Dog Safety Laws

In fact, some countries do think of dogs and accidents, but not the United States … at least not legally or on a federal level. Did you know that, in Canada, it’s illegal to drive with an unrestrained dog? Only a handful of states in America have any sort of pet driving laws. In Connecticut, dogs cannot stick their heads out the window of a moving vehicle and must be in a crate when in the back of a flatbed truck. The same type of flatbed truck law exists in Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. As I imagined everything that might have gone wrong, the officer filled me with so many horror stories that I felt so grateful for my dog’s restraining seat.

Dog Car Safety Horror Stories

When driving, we think of humans going through a windshield, but why do we not think of unrestrained dogs? Whether small or large, they face just as much danger as anyone else on impact. Unrestrained dogs can also harm human passengers in the case of an accident. A large dog such as a Golden Retriever can cause serious harm as a projectile in the case of a serious collision. Even if your children are restrained in a seat with a five-point harness, it doesn’t help if the Golden Retriever is roaming free. Sometimes dogs can even cause an accident. Drivers can be distracted by dogs roaming around the backseat. What if the dog jumps onto your lap? Anyone who has driven with a dog knows this can easily happen. We’ve just accepted it as part of being a pet owner without fully asking ourselves how dangerous this can be. Perhaps, without thinking, you look down at your dog. A car can come out of nowhere while both you and your pet are in that unsafe driver’s seat. Your airbag goes off and you are fine because airbags are made for humans. Sadly, your dog can suffocate in such a case. Now, what if you are in an accident that turns out much worse than the one I just faced? Let’s say your window was open. An unrestrained dog can fly through the windshield or out the window. Some might even escape out the window in fear and be left wandering a busy highway or freeway. Clearly, a dog out in traffic is never safe. The idea of Cody running around, terrified, weaving in and out of the path of moving cars makes my heart race. I am sure it makes yours do the same as you think of your own beloved dog. Even if you’re not in an accident, an excited dog might jump out a window when your car is moving, stuck in traffic, or stopped at a light. You have that same scenario of a dog stuck out on the highway in grave danger of being killed by another vehicle that either doesn’t see your pet or can’t stop in time.

An Essential Safety Product

A booster seat is the ideal solution for these situations. You’ll need to choose one that your dog will love (and one that you will love). First, you want your pet to feel comfortable enough to not try to escape and to stay calm during the ride. The Travelling Pooch Dog Car Safety Seat does just that. Of course, there are others on the market, but this is the one that saved Cody and the one I’d recommend. First, it provides comfort, which is absolutely essential if you want your dog to stay calm during a ride and not fuss and distract you while you drive. Dogs are not used to being restrained in moving vehicles, so you’ll want to make it as pleasant an experience as possible for them. Like a good dog bed, the Travelling Pooch is made from quality materials including Oxford fabric on the exterior and fluffy fleece on the interior. It will be sure to keep your little friend cozy and calm. Durable double straps wrap around the headrest of a back or front seat, while two adjustable straps inside attach to a dog’s harness, acting as a car seat or booster seat does for an infant or small child. For added sturdiness, removable boards surround the perimeter of the seat; a strong metal frame keeps the pooch pouch from collapsing. You can even carry your dog in this device when you leave the car.

An Economical And Perfect Pooch Gift

While I only have Cody, many people have multiple pets they travel with. Well, the Travelling Pooch can comfortably fit two small and/or medium dogs inside, with a maximum weight of 33 pounds. Keeping two pets together in the same pet car safety seat provides a companion. This way, they both remain happy during the drive. The best part right now? You don’t have to spend a fortune for peace of mind the next time you want to take your dog for a visit at a friend’s or for a run at the park. The Travelling Pooch is now available at a discount, which is a real find. With a safety seat for your dog, you can rest assured that you’ve done the best for your dog in case of an accident. This can also be a perfect gift for friends or family members with pets. It doesn’t only keep your dog safe, as it kept mine, but it also works for cats. Don’t let the horror stories you’ve heard about car accidents and pets happen to you. Put the worst-case scenario out of your mind and opt for safety with The Travelling Pooch. You won’t be sorry. When I think about what could have happened, I know I made a smart and informed purchase.

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