Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the World

Large, powerful dogs are very popular among dog owners and institutions worldwide. The ability to protect livestock, farms, homes, military and prisons is highly rewardable for the dog and extremely beneficial for the dog owner. Experience is a must when handling these powerful breeds. Correct mental and physical training, firm leadership and daily exercise is vital for proper behavioral balance.

Extremely dangerous situations can arise when combining an inexperienced dog owner with a massive, more powerful dog. Fear, aggression and dominance can quickly set in and cause serious injury to the dog owner, their family, strangers and other animals. So what’s the most dangerous dog breeds in the world? These 10 breeds are some of the most dangerous in the world if not trained correctly.

10The Dogo Cubano

Dogo Cubano also known as the Cuban Mastiff, Cuban Dogo and Cuban Dogge was an extremely aggressive, powerful dog breed that originated out of Cuba. The breed was actually introduced to help capture runaway slaves (cimarrones). After the abolition of slavery in Cuba the breed slowly died off in the 19th century and the modern decendents now resemble the American Pit Bull Terrier.


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