The Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds in the World

While you might believe that your dog is the smartest one of all, there is a good chance that your best friend is not as trainable as you have been led to believe. The intelligence of dog is different from the intelligence of a human, as it comes in a number of different forms.

All breeds can be trained with the right amount of time and patience, but there are certain dog breeds that are quicker studies than others. Knowing which breeds are the most intelligent can help you to make a truly informed decision.


Don’t let the papillon’s appearance fool you, as these are some of the most intelligent dogs of all. The papillion is a very happy dog breed and they are also quite alert. They are not shy when it comes to approaching people, nor are they aggressive, which makes them useful in a variety of different contexts. Homeowners who live in a smaller residence tend to choose the papillion as a companion, since they are only able to reach a maximum height of 11 inches.



Another dog that receives a bad rap due to the lesser breed members, the Rottweiler is a powerful animal that functions best when it is given a regular job to do. When trained properly, they are able to live as a family companion, but the Rottweiler is also a highly suitable police dog, therapy dog and service dog for those who are disabled. The Rottweiler is happiest when they have a daily to do list to tackle.

Australian Cattle Dog

This breed is also at its happiest when they are given a job to do each and every day. Any job that requires a great deal of agility and intelligence is well suited to the Australian cattle dog. Herders enjoy the company and assistance that these cattle dogs can provide and their level of energy is essentially boundless. They do not tire and they do not quit until the task at hand has been fully completed.

Labrador Retriever

These dogs are often confused with the aforementioned golden retriever, but they have the same level of intelligence and can serve a number of different purposes. They are ideal companions for the sporting types out there and can also serve as a great family pet. They are wonderful with children and are considered to be one of the most gentle dog breeds on the market. Their combination of intelligence and thoughtfulness makes them one of the best breeds to have in your home.

Shetland Sheepdog

For those who are in search of a smaller version of the border collie that can maintain the same level of work ethic, the Shetland sheepdog is the right choice. The Shetland sheepdog has long hair, a rougher coat and is one of the hardest working breeds currently available. They have a keen sense of intelligence and are a top choice for a wide range of herders.

Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher is renowned for its speed and strength. They also have a great deal of stamina and can handle difficult tasks for extended periods of time. While they can be trained to live in a family style environment, they are typically bred to be service dogs in most instances. They function well as guardians and can also be used as police dogs. Doberman Pinschers are regularly utilized as war dogs, as well.

Golden Retriever

Not only is the golden retriever breed very intelligent, they also live to please their masters, which makes them a great addition to any home or working environment. They are typically bred to be companions for hunters and can also be used as guide dogs. The golden retriever is also one of the most commonly employed search and rescue animals, as law enforcement officials rely on their intelligence and selflessness to provide them with valuable assistance.

German Shepherds

While there are some who see the German shepherd as being one of the more frightening dog breeds, they are actually among the smartest and easiest to train. They are the most commonly used breed of dog when it comes to assisting security guards, police officers and military personnel and German shepherds are also equally comfortable in a family environment. Farmers often rely on German shepherds for herding assistance, as well.


The poodle is not only exceptionally active, they are also exceptionally intelligent. Poodles are one of the best breeds when it comes to retrieving items from the water, which makes them a great addition to families that like to spend their time at the pool or lake. The smaller poodle breeds are also used by those who enjoy the art of truffle hunting.

Border Collies


Worlds Largest Dog Breeds

This is one of the hardest working dog breeds known to man. The border collie is prized for its intelligence and is considered to be the preeminent sheep herder. Their instincts are second to none, which makes them very useful in a family environment. The only problem that owners will have with their border collie is getting him and her to stop working so hard and take the occasional rest. There are few breeds that are more useful.

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