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NutriSource Super Premium dog food is made by Tuffy Pet Foods, situated in Perham, Minnesota. They try to use non-GMO ingredients as much as possible as NutriSource contains grain free dry recipes, canned foods, and treats.

Product Overview

According to the makers, NutriSource is made with real chicken as the main ingredients, and they don’t add byproducts or corn in their foods, which contains digestive enzymes to help dogs with digestion. NutriSource dog food is promoted as a “super premium” foodsNutriSource encourages its digestion by making foods that have maximum nutrients. They say with their foods; you can feed a dog as much as two-thirds less than other brands, which saves you cash.


Main Ingredients in NutriSource Dog Food

The ingredients in NutriSource are like any other dog food because there are tons of canine foods with the types of ingredients, but NutriSource is especially free of some of the extras that raise red flags with some foods. There are some things to watch out for, but, overall this looks like an excellent food choice for your adult dog.

Chicken and chicken meal are the first two ingredients. Many folks like chicken better than the meal, but the meal really has quite a bit more protein in it than chicken because it is concentrated. Most of the moisture removed from Chicken Meal makes it have about three times as much protein as a whole chicken. Both these ingredients are really good sources of meat protein in any dog food, and they’re a fantastic starter meal for any dog.

NutriSource also has brown rice and barley. Both of these carbs are generally simple on a dog’s digestive system great sources of manganese. Especially barley, which is a great source of dietary fiber and both keep your dog full for longer feeding intervals.

Other Important Ingredients: 

Chicken fat – This is a great source of fat and it’s naturally acquired.

White rice and oatmeal– White rice generally has somewhat less nutritional significance, it can still be relatively nutritious and supplies folate and manganese, as an example. White rice contains less fiber than brown rice, and is easier to absorb.

Fish meal and dried egg product– These ingredients are a great source of protein. The fish meal is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid, along with protein.

Dry beet pulp– This is an excellent digestive fiber. Some dog owners don’t like it but it comes from beet and is an insoluble fiber.

Flax seeds– These supply fiber and many great minerals. It’s a great add-on to the food, unless you’re planning to breed your dog.

Dried brewer’s yeast– A good source of protein in dog food. It includes at least 35 percent protein, though this special ingredient is the 13th recorded, so it’s difficult to tell how much protein it really adds to the food.

Glucosamine– The food also includes glucosamine and chondroitin which are typically put in to help with joint issues. But if your dog actually has joint issues you should speak with your veterinarian to recommend supplements other than the food to ensure your dog is getting the appropriate dosage.

Vitamin E and Vitamin C– The food includes vitamin E & C in the form of antioxidants and preservatives. Natural preservatives are better than artificial preservatives which have potentially dangerous side effects.

• The food also includes rosemary infusion which is another antioxidant and natural preservative. This is a problem if your dog has epilepsy or is prone to seizures.

• The last ingredients in the food are the vitamins and “proteinated” orchelated minerals. This implies the minerals have been attached to amino acids so they’re more readily consumed when your dog digests them. This is most commonly found in better dog foods.

This is looking like a really filling meal. If you don’t like grains, then you probably won’t want to use this food. The grains aren’t at the top of the ingredient list, but there are several of them. There’s nothing wrong with a superb dog food which has grains. The most recent research demonstrates that dogs have the digestive enzymes to properly digest these grains. The grains contained in Nutrisource aren’t the poor part of grains without great nutritional value. These are great grains as far as we can tell. So long as your dog doesn’t have an allergy or food intolerance to these specific grains, there’s no reason he shouldn’t have the capacity to eat them.

The Dog Digest Verdict

NutriSource looks like a great dog food. It has ample meat protein from chicken and chicken meal but also includes lots of carbs from both white and brown rice, barley and oatmeal. If you don’t mind the grains, your dog will likely do very well on this food.

This will be an excellent dog food for many dogs provided that they don’t have any difficulties eating grains. The average protein and fat would be appropriate for many mature dogs and even though the fats are high, it’s still lower than many well-known commercial brands.

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