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If you’ve been to the grocery store each time only to return with befuddled thoughts on what actually the commercially manufactured and so expensively priced doggy kibbles packet could really contain, don’t be too hard on yourself for not really figuring it all out as marketing gimmicks of the highest order!

For how good can they really be when dogs seemed to be doing just fine without them till about a century or so ago and their owners were still as happy (and less confused) with the happy, barking and spontaneous reception they got when they returned home and Fido jumped up and down in joy?

After all, the first sign of a dog’s good health is how happy he is and much of a dog’s appearance such as shiny fur and flexible body movements come from getting fed a healthy, nutritionally balanced natural diet such as he was meant by Nature to eat: filled with benefits of fatty acids, fiber, protein and carbohydrates besides the moisture levels being consistently sufficient for a dog’s daily nutritional needs.

This means blood, bones and fat in balanced quantity of a high quality coming from animals that are bred in hygienic environments for the purpose of being disease-free and therefore prime-cuts for healthy meal options.

Consider looking at wild dogs for a perspective on how dogs were meant to live: they survive on their own and kill for food; first they feed on whatever was in the slaughtered animal’s stomach, in this way balancing out the grains and veggies consumed by the animal (say, a cow or rabbit) and also getting the benefits of enzymes with the goodness of meat and bones that are rich in protein and calcium!

So, if wild dogs and wolves can stay in such good health and have done so for so many years before processed dog food was even thought of, why can’t our domesticated Fidos benefit from nature’s goodness like them, too?

A raw dog diet would thus entail feeding your dog all the best of Nature’s best: from meat, to choicest veggies to biscuits that are hard and likely to promote good oral hygiene by stopping the build-up of plaque and tartar and strengthening bones and giving a silky sheen to the fur.

This is why we say ‘Yeah’ for a going with a raw meat dog diet that is a fine way to build up the immune system and also build up strong teeth and bones for your pet, so prepare it fresh each time it’s your pet’s meal-time and prepare it right and you’ll have the answer to all dog-health.

Problems such as weight, skin, bone-deficiency etc. from putting him on a natural diet. Make sure your vet approves of all the main ingredients of a raw dog diet such as meat, vegetables, grains like oats and rice-bran as well as veggie juices in balanced proportions.

Meet with the friendly neighborhood butcher and arrange for regular purchases of ground meat that you can mix with half quantity of wet oats or whip up some veggies along with the turkey- meat, for example and voila!

You have yourself the perfect pet food that is raw and protein-filled besides being healthy for Fido too! Carrots, watercress and beets are all good bets for your dog’s daily vitamin dose besides helping the digestive system work better and induce better blood-flow but remember to avoid gassy foods such as cabbage, broccoli and turnips as these can give doggy-dear indigestion.

For fur that shines with all its worth, include flaxseed, which is great for building healthy joints too; in this way you can ensure your dog’s health is a life-long treat you give him.

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