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In regards to healthy dog food alternatives, it’s not always a cut and dry choice with regards to which dog food to select for your pup. However, foods like Taste of the Wild is a great choice. It is a grain free pet food for cats and dogs. A high meat protein content is common in most dog foods today, compared to traditional dog foods, and the price of Taste of the Wild is less than some of the priciest high protein brands on display.

An Overview of Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Made by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., Taste of the Wild is a family owned, privately held company. As a comparatively new brand of dog food made just since 2007, Taste of the Wild was created to satisfy the marketplace’s growing need for a natural, grain-free dog food. It offers five different formulas, a wet and a dry version of each, and two dry pup formulas for a total of 12 high-quality food options for your canine. All their formulas are made to imitate what dogs would eat when in the wild with distinctive lean meats (like venison, buffalo, or quail) that are accredited as free of hormones and antibiotic, with extremely digestible sources of energy, chelated minerals and antioxidants for better absorption.

Featuring actual, high-quality ingredients, every exceptional taste of Taste of the Wild dog food is particularly made to imitate a particular era when your dog’s ancestors flourished. Beginning with actual smoked and roasted meat, fish, and poultry, these foods are packed with the protein and your dog will love it. Each formula is subsequently supplemented with nutrient dense fruits & veggies to deliver the antioxidants and other vitamins & minerals to support your dog’s healthy lifestyle. Every Taste of the Wild dog food is grain-free, gluten-free, and features no corn or soy. The all natural meal supports healthy digestion and a healthy coat. Not to mention the roasted and smoked meats feature an unparalleled palatability.

The Dog Digest Verdict

While Taste of the Wild has many of the same qualities as other dog foods, Taste of the Wild’s clean ingredient list, lower cost, use of antibiotic and hormone-free meats and ethoxyquin-free preservation methods give it the little advantage over other formulas. Taste of the Wild has enjoyed a great standing and pet owners are pleased with this. Users continue to be weary of Diamond Pet Foods. This is mostly because the Taste of the Wild is among the foods mentioned in a class action lawsuit.

Diamond has a lengthy history of product recalls which makes many people nervous about feeding some of the foods they produce to their pets, and although they make some foods and have a good reputation, it’s s still a valid reason for consumers reluctance . The May 2012 recall for Taste of the Wild was the only time there was a recall for this brand. Taste of the Wild produced the High Prairie Canine Formula with Roasted Buffalo & Roasted Venison, which is one of its most popular. They also have other great formulas that are quite good too and their prices are also good too. Overall, if you want to feed your pet a quality meal, with great ingredients and at the right price, Taste of the Wild is a good choice.

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