Top 10 Common People Foods That Will Seriously Harm Your Dog

We’ve all be been there….We create a slobbering, begging, and barking havoc with our dogs every time we cook or pull something out of the fridge. It’s alway so tempting to want to give our fluffy butts a treat or three because we love them so much and don’t lie we all do! And thats OK, because there is an abundance of common people food that is actually quite good for our dogs.



It’s a well known study that soda is not good for you, but indulging in the fizz of cold pop sometimes (well all the time) it won’t be sending you to the emergency room after you drink it. Unfortunly for our mut, soda or anything the contains caffeiene can not be consumed.

Methylated xanthine, found in coffee, stimulates the central nervous system and within hours can cause vomiting, restlessness, heart palpitations, and unfortunately even death of our dogs. Simply keeping caffeine products safely stored & off the floor will greatly minimize the risk of paying a visit to the Vet’s office.


crispy bacon

Bacon is extremely high in fat content. High contents of fat can cause pancreatitis in dogs and can become fatal if consumed often. Bacon also contains a high level of salt that is involved in curing the meat before being sold. Many times our dog may seem in distress after a few hours of digesting bacon. We may find a few throw up spots from consuming to much bacon.

Bloat is a potentially fatal condition when too much bacon is consumed. The dog will begin drinking too much water because of the salty bacon. The stomach will fill up with an enormous amount of gas and within hours can twist around on itself, causing the dog to die. If your dog does get lucky and gets ahold of all that breakfast bacon before the kids do just monitor is well-being and moderate water intake.



Anything and everything about an avocado is potentially deadly if consumed by a dog. Numerous toxic poisons in avocados cause abdominal enlargement, breathing difficulties, and an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the chest and abdomen according to Veterinarians.

The pit inside of the avocado can also become potentially deadly for the dog. The pit itself can easily get lodged in the throat of the dog or in the intestinal tract and cause severe damage or even death. If your dog consumes an avocado monitor his well-being for 12 to 24 and take action if necessary.

Yeast Dough


Making homemade pizza or loafs of bread? Keep the raw dough from ending up in your dogs mouth to avoid any vomiting, abdominal discomfort and lethargy. Yeast dough will expand in your dogs stomach or intestines and produce an extremely large amount of gas in the digestive system. This will cause severe pain and can potentially rupture the stomach or intestines.

Raw yeast dough can begin fermenting inside the dogs stomach and intestinal tract due to improper digestion. This deadly fermentation can cause alcohol entering the blood stream and is toxic to our dogs.

Apple Cores


Apples can be a healthy snack for dog owners but looks can be deceiving for our pups. Cyanide poisoning can result from giving your dog the apple core. The pits and core may be delicious for your dog, but hide cyanogenic glycosides, better known as cyanide. When your dog eats these tasty treats he is in fact ingesting the toxin.

Some of the symptoms of toxicity are apprehension, dilated pupils, salivation, struggling to breath, dizziness, collapse, seizures, hyperventilation, shock and coma. Give alternative fruits and vegetables to your dogs. Carrots, peas, and green beans are all great foods for our dogs.

Onions & Garlic


Absolutely NO onions & garlic should ever be consumed by our dogs. Toxic ingredients in the onions and garlic cause dogs to vomit and have diarrhea. This can quickly escalate to anemia, labored breathing, weakness & becoming devastatingly deadly.

Between onions and garlic, onions are far more dangerous for our dogs. Small amounts of onions can lead to toxic poisoning and possibly death. Onions also can cause rupture of red blood cells in our dogs.

Cheese & Milk Products


It’s medication time for out fluffy butts but the attempt to get our dog to actually swallow the pill can sometimes be anything from easy. Taking swift action to get it over with, we will slide open the fridge door and grab that bag of cheese. Wrapping the pill ever so neatly into the cheese packet, we toss it up in the air only to be grabbed in mid air by you know who. Seems that easy right!? Well lets stop the habit, because I do it too.

Dogs do not have the right stomach enzymes to break down the dairy product. Vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal problems will arise from cheese and other dairy products. Just like bacon, Cheese is high in fat and can eventually lead to pancreatitis. Put the cheese packet down and find alternative raw product to insert medication into.

Raisins and Grapes


Many new dog owners who begin feeding their dog a strict raw diet may be unaware of the lethal consequences of consuming grapes or raisins. These fruits can shutdown renal system function with 24 hours of consumption. Ultimately leading to kidney failure and death. Depending on amount consumed expect diarrhea, vomiting and distress. NEVER mix these fruits in with a raw plan meal.



As dog owners we all knew this one was coming. As most are aware we should never feed our pups chocolate. Did you know? Just 2 ounces of baking chocolate can kill a 16 pound dog in 4-8 hours. The onset of chocolate poising is swift and deadly.

Numerous health problems arise almost instantly after consuming chocolate. Chocolate consumed by dogs will increases heart rate and constrict the arteries in dogs. Symptoms range from vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, seizures, cardiac arrest, and death.



Most Dangerous Dog Toys

The most common treat we give our pups is the dog bone. Its natural to think a dog and a bone go hand in hand but in reality it’s not. Dogs are omnivores, not carnivores. Most dogs can not safely digest bones. Many times bones can splinter when being chewed and rupture the intestinal tract.

Thousands of dogs end up in the emergency care center each year because of the frequent use of giving bones as a treat. Chicken, Beef & Bird bones should all be avoided. We highly recommend NOT COOKING bones to help the dog digest. Improper digestion of dog bones are the number one cause for pet vet visits and is the reason for taking the number 1 spot.

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